A trio of flicks starring horror cutie Dave Sheridan

Ever since playing Doofy in Scary Movie over two decades ago, funny man Dave Sheridan has packed his resume with horror comedies. I first really became a fan when he did this in the film The Walking Deceased

…and I’ve been watching every movie he’s been in since hoping he’ll do something like it again (I’m actually hoping he’ll just do gay porn).

Anyway, here’s a look at the three most recent flicks he’s been in that I hadn’t yet seen, and one of them is a nasty blend of sex and horror. However, it’s not Dave up to his old tricks…it’s another horror cutie.


The description for this film starring Dave and Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp fame sounded like a lot of fun, so I can’t even fathom how it could fail as both a horror film and a comedy.

The opener sets a great, campy tone, with Felissa in a black and white scene featuring a big baby man monster with his nipple hanging out. But when Felissa’s character opens her mouth to scream…nothing comes out.

Felissa plays a scream queen who loses her voice! She is sent to mend on a resort island, where she meets a handful of other people with their own issues.

The idea is supposed to be that people start dying off in ways that victims have been killed in Felissa’s films. Unfortunately, we see like two bodies…and absolutely no murders.

The characters just sit around and talk for most of the movie. And nothing they say or do is humorous or entertaining. What a missed opportunity.

As for Dave, he plays a detective who starts a romantic relationship with Felissa and then has to try to figure out whodunit when everyone begins suspecting the scream queen.


Yet another movie that finds an excuse to send Felissa Rose to a sleepaway camp situation because of her iconic horror past.

Unfortunately, this is a boring slasher that lacks a cohesive plot, tacks together a bunch of pointless, talky scenes with irrelevant characters, and doesn’t delivery in any way on atmosphere, kill scenes, gore, pacing, or scares.

The killer’s appearance is also not ominous or unique at all, and there’s an awkwardly drawn out killer motivation denouement. And while it appears this is supposed to also be a comedy, none of the actors can make the weak material work, not even Dave, who plays a goofy (not Doofy) park ranger.

There are a couple of hot guy bods, appearances by some familiar horror faces, and there is at last a burst of concentrated killer action all of a sudden in the final act, but none of it can save this one.


Movies by the director of Death House, Camp Dread, and Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard are hit or miss with me, so I didn’t know what to expect from The Special. I’m also not a huge fan of body horror, but it’s always satisfying to have one that focuses on a guy. The Special reminded me of the short film Bug Chaser, only with a straight guy instead of a gay guy, and focusing on dick instead of asshole.

Horror cutie Davy Raphaely believes his wife is cheating on him, so his buddy, played by Dave Sheridan, convinces him to cheat on her for revenge. Personally, I would have taken the movie in a totally different direction and moved into Dave-on-Dave action. But Sheridan takes Raphaely to a whorehouse and orders him “the special”.

“The special” turns out to be a box you stick your dick in that brings you pleasure beyond your wildest wet dreams.

Davy becomes addicted to putting his dick in the box. Davy will do whatever it takes to get that dick in that box.

Davy doesn’t use any protection when he puts his dick in that box, so things eventually get really disgusting.

Davy is sexy, the nastiness is gross, the pacing is excellent, and knowing it’s all leading up to finding out what’s in the box is well worth the price of admission. And there’s actually something subversively gay about the whole movie when you put it all together, so I’m going to add it to the does the gay guy die? page. But I’m not going to tell you why. You’ll just have to watch until the end. EEK! And…EW!

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