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As a writer of gay erotic horror fiction, I have a major interest in gay horror porn movies—for research purposes, of course. Let me know if I’m missing any X-rated gay horror. For a list of gay porn stars who have gone on to appear in actual horror movies, check out my from men to monsters page.

Horror pornthology…

devils deal censored small

Not one but two sex spins on The House on Haunted Hill, plus other ghostly tails…I mean…tales.

house on haunted hil porns

 hauntingHorror porn parodies of movies like The Blair Witch Project, Scream, Saw, Friday the Thirteenth, Dracula, and The Ring

horror porn parodies

meeting liam smaller

i know who you blew

cream for me censored smaller


Twink horror porn…

twink movies

Classic monsters and men…

classic monsters and men

night boys


dr jerkoff and mr hard barebackula

suckers censored.jpg

his dracula thirst howl


And finally, some gay horror porn originals. I’ve even written a blog about L.A. Zombie. Read it here, if you dare…

horror porn originals scared stiff censored

horror porn originals

13th it was on a friday

sons of satan


scared stiff smaller




demon inside and satans slaves

Here’s just a taste of the film you’ll find on the site You must be a member to see the full selection.





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scary seXXX

  1. Tracy Vanity says:

    Thanks for this post. I’m currently making a list of best horror porn and wanted to include some gay films.

  2. joshuaskye says:

    I LOVE Gayracula!!!!

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