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Sex! Horror! Movies! Music! Men! Chocolate! Cherry Cola! It’s what I write about because like they say, “write what you know” (not to mention, “you are what you eat…”). I’m gay horror fiction author ScareBearDan (Daniel W. Kelly if you want to refer to me by my “author” name), and if you want to see what I’m all about, watch this montage of some of the videos I’ve done as supplemental material on Boys, Bears & Scares (but do so at your own risk…).


I’ve been drawn to horror and the supernatural since the spooks first showed up at my family’s Long Island home (find out more about my horror house). I’ve been intrigued by sex since I stumbled on nudie magazines stashed in my teenage brother’s magic kit when I was just a young boy. When the 1980s slasher sexploitation movie genre was booming, the scenes that disturbed me most were those that blended horror with naked women. EEK! While I’m a huge fan of scream queens (check out my favorite wicked women), I also cherish the more “manly” moments that can be found if you search long and hard for the long and hard. I even created a horror movie manhunt guide here on Boys, Bears & Scares so you too can go  stud stalking.

Before I get to my books, there are a few other forms of gay horror media I’ve helped make scarier. You may have seen me in the dance montage segment of Mark Patton’s Scream, Queen: My Nightmare On Elm Street documentary…


And you might have heard me in this clip from The Real Elvirus:


Now on to the books. My horror stories substitute the usual horror T&A with S&M, B&D, plain old vanilla sex, and a whole lot of men, combining the erotic and eerie. I hope you enjoy my books, my blog, and my site. I tried to make it entertaining with just the right amount of writer narcissism. Look around, have fun. Tell me what you think! And check out (and LIKE) my Boys, Bears & Scares Facebook page: facebook/BoysBearsandScare

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My Published Writings

Here’s a breakdown of all my book releases, including the Comfort Cove gay horror series and more. Check out my Amazon author page for info about the ebook and paperback formats of each title.


SNAKEHEAD, #7 in the sssssssexy scary Comfort Cove series, is available in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon. It also includes a revised and updated reprint of my LGBTQ novella Zombied Out from my very first gay horror collection in 2007! Read more about the book below, and get it here.

And if you dare, watch the tawdry, trashy trailer, in which I star opposite my beefy cover artist Eric. This is the first trailer in the series that is too controversial for YouTube, so you can only see it here!

Beware the hiss of serpents in the air…

The boys and bears of Comfort Cove are turning rock hard…but not in the good way. A straight man has come to town. He’s angry. He’s desperate. And he’s determined to hunt down the son that escaped his hateful clutches.

But in a sea of horny gay men, one homophobe is nothing compared to the horror his heterosexual desire awakens. It’s thirsty for the emissions of men. It longs to mate and multiply. And it won’t take no for an answer.

As the men of the city bask in the scents and tastes of each other’s bodies, they’d be smart to keep an ear cocked for the whirring of a disembodied female head being carried on the wind by swirling, slithering appendages. For when her snakes strike, their poisonous venom makes any man stiff as stone…all over.

…and the sound of teeth piercing flesh…

In the bonus novella Zombied Out, a group of residents in a small town awakens from involuntary sleep to discover that everyone else is dead…temporarily. Gathering together at the local church, the survivors make two startling discoveries. The only people still alive are gay, lesbian, and trans, and the heterosexuals are coming back from the dead.

And they’re hungry for flesh.

dont megalick the power cord in the dark cover web my books

DON’T MEGALICK THE POWER CORD IN THE DARK is the sixth book in my Comfort Cove gay erotic horror series—or is it the 666th?

Comfort Cove is getting a shock to its system…

This summer the scares aren’t coming out of the water. Lights are flickering, the ground is trembling, a mysterious prince of black metal is about to rock the town with a satanic sex club, seniors are being found dead in compromising positions, and there’s no telling what’s possessing the city’s young and virile.

It knows the way to a man’s hard rock is through the hole to his soul

As temperatures rise and heads bang, the clothes come off. But exhibitionism could be deadly to the boys and bears of Comfort Cove, for something wants to get inside them. It crawls, it sizzles, and it’s invading the tightest, darkest recesses of the most vulnerable…and easily accessible.

Indeed, it’s all about men and metal in this installment of the series, so even I got in the zone to fully appreciate what my boys and bears were experiencing.

megalick author photo for web my books



And here’s a bit of a look at how the cover came to be:


Pick up a copy in paperback or ebook format here.


ScaringUp StIck Arousing QPD cover website size

SCARING UP ST. ICK & AROUSING QPD is a double feature spanning the season of love in Comfort Cove, making this the fifth and sixth installments of my gay horror series in one book! Pick up the paperback or ebook on Amazon.

This year, holiday horror is coming to town…

As the men of Comfort Cove settle down for a long and hard winter’s slumber party, a creature is stirring—and it’s delivering a gift of terror to boys at the city’s new gay youth home.

Boys will be boys, so these troubled adolescents stop exploring their sexual urges just long enough to tell a fireside story of “St. Ick,” the hideous antithesis of Santa. The black magic of Christmas brings St. Ick to life, and he knows who’s been naughty and needs to be punished.

More than one dark entity is spreading pain and fear, not peace and love…

The boys of Jude House have a life-altering impact on the most beloved men of Comfort Cove, giving them a new outlook on love and family as they prepare for their big Valentine’s Day wedding. But will the grooms get to walk down the aisle, or will they have to be carried in coffins?

Many happy hearts will break…and bleed…

Local Wiccan Gene, desperate to find a man of his own, has been flirting with a mysterious stranger online, unaware that he’s actually arousing the spirit of romance, who doesn’t like when you mess with his emotions and intends to hurt the ones he loves—using sex as a weapon.

This teaser trailer for Scaring Up St. Ick is one for the naughty boys…

…and things gets serious in this one…

…finally, QPD teaches the boys & bears of Comfort Cove a lesson of love.



WET SCREAMS, my Halloween horror novel and the fourth in the Comfort Cove series, is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, and includes a revised and updated version of my Halloween slasher Scream, Queen! Get it here.

It’s Halloween. No one can hear you scream when everyone’s screaming. 


Playful scares and pranks are getting the boys and bears of Comfort Cove in the spirit for the big party on October 31st at Familiar Farm, home of the Comfort Coven. However, Deck Waxer and his partner Maru are in for some true terror.

Jeff, an employee at their occult shop, has the ability to astral project. He begins to believe he is being drawn into the body of a vile beast at night—a monster that looks like a man just long enough to have sex with tricks…and then treat them to a fatal mauling. But there are no bodies to be found in the morning. Is Jeff just getting his astral and dream worlds mixed up?

Deck fears not when he learns that lead Wiccan Franky and the other guys of the Comfort Coven have been keeping two men in hiding in their barn. Two men from Deck’s tragic past. Two men who have a curse that makes them hairy…and man-hungry. And not in the good way.


In this campy/scary/sexy novella, a creepy mama’s boy invites a group of hot and horny men to his Halloween night coming out party. But the pheromones are about to turn into fear and moans (of pain!). Because also in attendance is an uninvited guest…GIMP FACE!

gimp face




Rise of the Thing Down Below cover winnerRISE OF THE THING DOWN BELOW is the third book in the Comfort Cove series.

Will a cold shower tame the thing down below?

The boys and bears of Comfort Cove are counting the days until the opening of the sexually charged boardwalk attraction SandMen Strip. But before the naked fun in the sun can begin, the mutilated bodies of a few burly dockworkers wash up on the sand.

Suspicion falls on the cute young owners of SandMen Strip, but local paranormal investigator Deck Waxer has to look at all the possibilities, including new faces in town. There’s the cocky two-and-a-half foot tall artist named Little Larry Long. The city’s mayor is hiding some unnaturally large life form in his mansion. And even trusted religious leader Father Merrin has been keeping a troubled young man with paranormal powers a secret from the public.

As the body count rises, the angry and scared dockworkers target Deck’s crew of sex-loving friends, unaware of the real terror that has surfaced in Comfort Cove: a grotesque evolutionary mutation from deep down below.

The stunning cover art was done by my good friend! Thanks, Eric!
You can get to know Eric intimately in this video:

Here is the Pervert-impaired guide to Rise of the Thing Down Below.

– Great review of Rise of the Thing Down Below here.

Why does Rise Of The Thing Down Below make me wanna get naked?


no place for little ones

NO PLACE FOR LITTLE ONES. In the sequel to Combustion (below), Deck Waxer and his buddies are back, and this time the boys and bears are living in a newly renovated apartment building. But they’re not alone. Something is living in the walls. Something that wants man flesh. And not in the good way.

“Tales of the City meets True Blood.”

–Timothy McGivney, author of Zombielicious and Vampalicious

“Daniel W. Kelly’s No Place for Little Ones continues the adventures of Deck Waxer and friends, the protagonists of his first Comfort Cove novel, Combustion. This second volume in the series is high entertainment, stuffed full of sexy men, scary monsters, and lots of tastily bawdy behavior. A fine blending of the erotic and the horrific!”

–Jeff Mann, author of Desire and Devour: Stories of Blood and Sweat

“In these adventures of paranormal private eye Deck Waxer, Daniel W. Kelly knows how to weave together gay erotica with mystery and horror, infusing his storytelling with a fresh, campy sensibility that brings the reader into the story. First and foremost, Kelly proves he is a storyteller who knows how to entertain and how to make the page come alive with lots of hot gay sex!”

–Chad Helder, Stoker Award-winning editor of Unspeakable Horror and author of The Vampire Bridegroom

– Read a lost chapter from No Place for Little Ones.

Here is the Pervert-impaired guide to No Place for Little Ones.

– Read an interview I did with fellow horror author Joshua Skye!

And here’s the complete trailer trilogy for No Place For Little Ones.



COMBUSTION, the first erotic horror novel in my Comfort Cove series, is available from Bold Strokes Books. If you’ve read my two collections (below), you might recognize some of the men and places making a return appearance. If Combustion is the first of my books you’ve picked up, be prepared for bears and boys, men and mystery, humor and horror, sex and…well, crazy sex. Get intimate with these guys because they’re going to be around for a while, taking you on a joyride of sex and the supernatural. Here are some interviews, blogs, and reviews to check out for sneak peeks at Combustion and my thoughts on gay horror:

The Pervert-Impaired Guide to Reading Combustion

Welcome to The Cove…where it all goes down

Scared stiff and possessed by my own inner demons

Does horror make us horny?

The first review of Combustion!

 A review that really gets what I was going for

Combustion gets trash cult literature cred!

If you’ve read Combustion, you can read a chapter that was cut during final editing here!

closet monsters and horny devilsIn my horror anthologies Closet Monsters and Horny Devils, men in heat come face-to-face with ghosts, vampires, werewolves, evil priests, homophobic daddies, serial killers, zombies, and more.

Closet Monsters includes the short story “Woof!,” which won first place in the January 2006 erotic short story writing contest at (Wahoo!), and the novella Zombied Out, a whole new twist on the “man-eating” genre.

This is a fun review of both collections.

And finally, while I prefer writing novels, just for fun, I wrote one of those 2-sentence horror stories! You can read it here. It was also chosen as one of the best in a contest at ihorror!

And finally, my dirty little secret…scare-free, humorous erotica and a comic novel. Oh the horror!

funny bone

FUNNY BONE: We all want a guy with a great sense of humor, so why should the chuckles stop once we see him naked? Men get into all kinds of predicaments that poke at the funny bone in this amusingly erotic collection. A witty gay guy turns stand-up comedian when his straight co-worker offers to bottom for him. College party boys make their gay virgin dorm mate into a sex machine with no off button. An employee journeys to the private island home of his boss to advocate for same-sex spousal benefits and gets scared silly by a proposal he can’t refuse. A doctor explains why his specialty is the butt of jokes. A newly single man discovers that nothing puts a smile on his face quite like a cherry pop. And the punch lines just keep coming. Burly bouncers, gym bears, rest stop rednecks, military men…they’re all lusting for laughs in Funny Bone.


How about a tale of a drag queen and friends attempting to transform their fag hag into a diva at the end of the 90s in New York City? Adapted from a play I wrote for one of my classes back when I was getting my masters degree, Drag Out the Diva is now a retro, 90s nostalgia novel loaded with pop culture references. Plus, my pup Michele tries to steal the spotlight on the cover!

DRAG OUT THE DIVA: It’s the end of the 20th century, and with exploding PCs threatening to ring in the new millennium, nothing is computing for New York City editor John. He is dating author and Jersey boy David, yet it’s all business and no pleasure. Is being in the closet hampering David’s libido? Or could it be the culture shock of meeting John’s wacky friends?

Fruit fly Connie buzzes around John’s apartment in search of male companionship she isn’t getting from her egotistical rocker boyfriend or her mutt Willy Wonka, who adores…

Self-proclaimed bitch in heat Andy, also known as Primadonna, the fiercest drag queen at Cabaret Today. Lately it seems Andy’s hard drive has crashed, unlike…

Sarge, the horniest daddy bear in Chelsea, who is too intent on luring John into the Cabaret Today restroom to notice…

Luther, John’s African-American buddy who feels like an outsider in both the gay and black communities but would gladly fill Sarge’s glory hole.

When Connie announces she wants to go from drab to diva, the guys put their man problems aside to help with her transformation, never expecting all the female trouble they are inviting…or the monsters they’re creating! Both Connie and Andy enter the very unfriendly Miss Diva NYC competition, and the claws come out. Wigs are yanked, lipstick smeared, heels broken, dresses torn…and that’s before the wannabe divas even take the stage at Cabaret Today!