PRIME TIME: evil ladies

Beware the wicked women in this triple feature—The Widow, Medusa, and Lilith!

THE WIDOW (2020)

This Russian film dubbed in English on Prime sort of follows the basic premise of The Blair Witch Project, but it isn’t found footage.

Interviews reveal that people have gone missing in a certain area of the woods for years and occasionally the dead bodies are found naked. The locals believe that the victims were taken by a lost soul known as “the widow”.

When a teen goes missing, a search group heads into the woods. They find a woman who is not in good shape and is soon babbling about “the widow”.

And then…

This becomes just about as dull a movie as The Blair Witch Project. In other words, the story of the legend delivers plenty of hype that is never delivered on as the cast runs through the woods reacting to a whole lot of nothing. Someone eventually sees a dude standing facing a corner, but not much else.

MEDUSA (2020)

Considering the Snakehead installment of my Comfort Cove gay horror series is inspired by the legend of Medusa, I’ll always watch horror movies in which she is the antagonist (there are so few of them).

This is an interesting and trashy take on the queen of the snakes. A druggy girl returns to her job as a trailer park whore. As she creates bonds with other prostitutes, she is bit by a snake during a lap dance and then begins to change…

Almost like a black widow or praying mantis concept, this is a female empowerment film as she takes down all the douche bag men that cross her or the other prostitutes.

There’s neon lighting to create atmosphere, and while our main girl sees signs of a snake transformation to provide some body horror moments, she never goes fully into creature mode.

But perhaps the bigger disappointment is that she turns into “Medusa” just for the final frame, which consists of the actress remaining still while CGI snakes rise up from behind her head like something out of a SyFy original circa 2011. Bummer.

LILITH (2018)

The director of For Jennifer brings us a fun little low budget indie horror anthology involving the many faces of the demon Lilith as she wreaks havoc on people’s lives in four different stories.

In the wraparound, indie horror queen Felissa Rose is a blast as the true form of Lilith—basically a snarky, dominatrix demon—as a detective and a priest plan to perform an exorcism on her.

1st story – this one has a unique twist. After a high school girl is knocked up by her teacher, who totally dismisses her, her friends decide to get revenge, but things don’t exactly turn out as they expect (when their friend is expecting).

2nd story – this is a basic and underwhelming tale. Lilith becomes the caretaker for a sickly man who can’t get past the fact that she looks just like his late wife.

3rd story – this is a satisfying, sexy scary tale of a cheating hunk who calls in a hooker while his girl is away at a religious retreat. The hooker just happens to be Lilith.

4th story – this is the sleazy, gritty tale of the bunch, about a man who abducts, tortures, and kills women. That is until he faces off against Lilith.

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