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If you’re looking for Halloween music and horror music to set the tone at your next horror party, you’ve come to the right place. For everything about my music, including original songs I recorded, remixes I’ve done, and my Internet radio show, check out my music obsession page. Stay right here for the monster music!

To get in the mood as you peruse the list, you can listen to this techno rave version of John Carpenter’s Halloween theme as done by…me! Actually, it’s a track I masterminded with my music partner when I was in a synthpop duo.


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This is it. This is every song I have in my playlist to get me in the spirit during the month of October. Since I’m as much of a music whore as I am a horror whore, this list covers it all. There’s the obvious and the obscure. Music from every decade since the beginning of the RnR era. Pop. Heavy Metal. Rap. New Wave. Punk. Goth. Disco. Electro. Techno. Motion picture scores. What’s on your Halloween playlist?



Addams Family / Alfred Hitchcock Presents / Casper the Friendly Ghost / Dark Shadows / Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries / Kolchak: The Night Stalker / The Munsters / Night Gallery / Tales from the Crypt / Twilight Zone


halloween-songs-moviesABCs of Death 2 “Till We All Die” (Andre Roessier & Isabelle Greiwe) / Amityville Horror  / Beetlejuice (Danny Elfman) / Brainscan Main Theme (George S. Clinton) / Christine / Creepshow / The Exorcist – Tubular Bells…Mike Oldfield / The Fog / The Lords of Salem “Three Sisters” / Puppet Master / The Omen / Suspiria…Goblin / Zombie 3 theme Sequence 8


barn movie




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maniac cop 2


monster squad soundtrack



BONUS ELM STREET SONGS: Are You Ready For Freddy?…Fat Boys / A Nightmare on My Street…DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince




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BONUS PSYCHO SONGS: Bates Motel…The Hitmen / Norman Bates…Landscape





Black Fairy (Silent Hill 2) / Free From Fear (Resident Evil Nemesis) / Resident Evil Voice Intro


Accept – Monsterman | Demon’s Night
AC/DC – Night Prowler
The Aliens – Destroy
Marc Almond – This House is Haunted
Altered Ego – The House Is Cursed
Amy Meredith – Monster
Anthrax – Medusa
Aqua – Halloween
AustenEx – My Dancing Devil
Barenaked Ladies – Grim Grinning Ghosts
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
BEF with Paul Jones – There’s a Ghost in My House
The B-52’s – Devil In My Car
The Big O – The Monster Mash
Blasterjaxx – Mystica (Werewolf)
Bloodsuckers from Outer Space – They’re Out for Blood
Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper / After Dark / Demon’s Kiss
Blutengel – Vampire
Bobby O – Frankenstein

Bollock Brothers – Count Dracula / Dinner with Dracula / Horror Movies / Mistress of the Macabre /  Reincarnation Of / Woke Up in the Morning and Found Myself Dead

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Adrian Bond – Redneck Zombie Blues / Redneck Zombies

Book of Love – Tubular Bells / Witchcraft
Bottin – Disco for the Devil
David Bowie – Scary Monsters
Martin Briley – Fear of the Unknown
Cadaver Club – Vampires Ain’t What They Used to Be
John Cale – Jack the Ripper
Call Me Karizma – Monster (Under My Bed)
Kim Carnes – Crazy in the Night
Chopin’s Funeral March on Pipe Organ
Chrom – Stalker
Chvrches – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Concrete Blonde – The Beast / Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)

Alice Cooper – Chop Chop Chop / He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) / Prince of Darkness / Shockdance (with The Dudes of Wrath) / Skeletons in the Closet / Teenage Frankenstein / This Maniac’s in Love With You


Corlyx – When the Witch Comes Out
Cosmopolitans – Psychic Joan
Sophia Cruz – Ghost (hyp3d club mix)
The Cramps – Surfin Dead
Dado – X-Files Theme (Paranormal Activity mix)
Dangerous Toys – Demon Bell / Scared
Dead or Alive – Something in My House (mortevicar mix)
Chris De Burgh – Don’t Pay the Ferryman

Depeche Mode – Ghost (Le Weekend remix) / PIMPF

halloween songs depeche mode smaller

Devo – Monsterman
The Dickies – Booby Trap / Killer Klowns From Outer Space / Monster Island
Dio – Dream Evil / Faces in the Window
The Diodes – The City of the Dead
The Dirty Youth – Thriller
Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow – The Headless Horseman
Thomas Dolby – The Devil is an Englishman
Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew – Spirit
Dragonette – Ghost
Dreamers – Vampire in the Sun
Sheena Easton – I Like the Fright
Dave Edmunds – The Creature from the Black Lagoon
Electric Guitars – Wolfman Tap
Electric Six – I’m the Devil

Elvira – Full Moon / Haunted House / Monsta’s Rap / Zombie Stomp / 2 Big Pumpkins / 13 Nights of Halloween / Here Comes the Bride (The Bride of Frankenstein) (with Fred Schneider)


Emmon – Scream
Heidi Engel – Night Time Stalker
Engine Room – Fall of the House of U
Experimental Products – Nightmares Parts 1 & 2
Extreme – It(‘s a Monster)
Fabulous Poodles – Vampire Rock
The Faint – Evil Voices
Fawn – Monster House / The Headless Horseman
Felony – Shake the Demon
Al Festa – Living After Death
The Fibonaccis – Old Mean Ed Gein / TerrorVision
The Five Blobs – The Blob
Lita Ford – The Ripper
Frankmusik – The Fear Inside

Freezepop – The Monster Song (Vanderbilt Tunch’s Escape On Horseback Mix) / Lady Spider (Computerized version) / My Frankenstein / Hott Witch

Frehley’s Comet – Something Moved
Glenn Frey – Flip City
Dominic Frontiere – The Invaders
Yvonne Gage – Doin’ It In a Haunted House

Ghostland Observatory – Opening Credits / No Place for Me / Dancing On My Grave

ghostland observatory
Girlschool – Love at First Bite

Andrew Gold – The Creature from the Tub / Don’t Scream (It’s Only Halloween) / Gimme a Smile (The Pumpkin Song) / Halloween Party / In Our Haunted House / It Must Be Halloween /  The Outer Limits Theme Song / Spooky Scary Skeletons / Trick Or Treat / Witches Witches Witches

halloween songs andrew gold smaller

Neil Lee Griffin – Good Things
Grim Muzik – Scream (Close Your Eyes)
Grim Reaper – Fear No Evil / See You in Hell
GTR – Jekyll and Hyde
Harlequin – Superstitious Feelings
Headpins – You’re Only Afraid of the Dark
Holy Noise – The Nightmare
Hoodoo Gurus – Death Ship
Human Sexual Response – Dolls
Icky Blossoms – Sex to the Devil
Billy Idol – Body Snatcher / Running from the Ghost
Infernal – Dead or Alive
Invincible Spirit – Devil Dance
J. Geils Band – Fright Night
Jermaine Jackson – Escape from the Planet of the Ant Men

Michael Jackson – Ghosts / Is It Scary / Monster / Threatened / Thriller

halloween songs - michael jackson smaller

Jill Jaxx – Nightmare
Garland Jeffreys – Haunted House
Joywave – F.E.A.R.
Jyrki 69 – Last Halloween

King Diamond – The Spider’s Lullabye | Shapes of Black | Let It Be Done

king diamond

Kiss – Creatures of the Night
Kreeps – Be My Frankenstein | I Wanna Kill Kill Kill (alright) | Everyone I Went To School With Is Dead
Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary / Monster
Chris Lake with Alexis Roberts – Nightmares
Adam Lambert – Voodoo
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross – Halloween Spooks
Lamont – Flesh to Flesh
Land of Giants – Cannibal Dolls
Laughing Dogs – Zombies
Fedde Le Grand – Scared of Me
The Limousines – Haunted
Little Boots – Ghost / Magical

Lizzy Borden – Phantoms | Be One of Us


Lordi – They Only Come Out at Night / Beast Loose in Paradise / Would You Love a Monsterman? / The Children of the Night / Monster Monster

Alex Lotz – Creepy Campfire Stories | Halloween
Lene Lovich – Wicked Witch
Machinista – Ghost
Madonna – Supernatural
Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Zone
Mask Attack – Phantom of the Opera
Dave Matthews Band – Halloween
MC Hammer – Addams Groove

Meco – Love Me Dracula / Werewolf Loose in London – Werewolf Serenade


Men at Work – Dr. Hekyll & Mr. Jive
Mental as Anything – Spirit Got Lost
Men Without Hats – Devil Come Round

The Meteors – Your Worst Nightmare / Michael Myers / I Bury the Living / Corpse Grinder


Midnight SyndicateThe Dead Matter Main Title / Sean Is In The Ground / Family Secrets / Fallen Grandeur / Haunted Nursery / Grisly Reminder / Alchemist’s Chamber

midnight syndicate

Ministry – Everyday is Halloween
Mi-Sex – Ghosts

Misfits – Crawling Eye / Scream! / Living Hell


The MOANS – Halloween with Too Many You’s
Monotones – Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Morrissey – Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Muse – You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween
Mysterious Art – Welcome / Das Omen
The Nails – Dig Myself a Hole
Neuropa – Deadlights
New Found Glory – Scarier Than Jason Voorhees At A Campfire

Night Club – Scary World | Vampires | Blood On Your Blade | Everybody Knows | The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)


Nudist Colony of the Dead Theme Song / Satan

Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party / Weird Science / This Is Halloween (Danny Elfman solo)

halloween songs oingo boingo smaller

Panic! At the Disco – Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met….)
The Panic Beats – The Butcher / Another Nail
Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters
Bobby Boris Pickett – Monster Mash

halloween songs bobby boris pickett smaller

Pink is Punk & Benny Benassi featuring Bright Lights – Ghost
Plasmic Honey – The Funeral / Exorcism
Powerman 5000 – Footsteps and Voices / Cannibal Killers That Kill Everyone
Praying Mantis – Lovers to the Grave
The Pretty Things – The Monster Club
Prism – Nightmare
Psyche – Haunted
Jimmy Psycho – Tales of Halloween
The Rain Within – Chase the Dark
Ramones – Pet Semetary
Ray Stephens – Cat’s Eye
Razorfade – Fear is Rising
Rebel Flesh – Moonlight Murder | Harvest | Shadows
Red Lipstique – Drac’s Back


The Revillos – The Vampire Strikes / Do the Mutilation / She’s Fallen in Love with a Monster Man / Graveyard Groove

Rihanna – Mad House
B.A. Robertson – Sucker for Your Love
Rockwell with Michael Jackson – Somebody’s Watching Me
Mark Ronson, Passion Pit, and A$AP Ferg – Get Ghost
Run-DMC – Ghostbusters
Jennifer Rush – Witch Queen of New Orleans
The Scabs – Demons
The Michael Schenker Group – Attack of the Mad Axeman
Fred Schneider – I’m Gonna Haunt You
The Screaming Tribesmen – Date with a Vampyre
Secession – Sneakyville
Selebrities – Monster Mash
SHAKE – Invasion of the Gamma Men
She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Frankenstein Cha Cha
Jumpin Gene Simmons – Haunted House
Siouxsie & the Banshees – Halloween
Sir Sly – Ghost (Kulkid remix)
Skillet – Monster
Skyhooks – Horror Movies
The Smashing Pumpkins – Wyttch
Sohodolls – My Vampire
The Sounds – Panic
Speci-Men – Hex
SSQ – Tonight (We Make Love Until We Die)
Stacey Q – Trick Or Treat

halloween songs - stacey q smaller

Jim Stafford – Swamp Witch
Strvngers – 976-Evil / Necromancer
Surf Punks – Shark Attack
Teenage Bottlerocket – Dead Saturday / Haunted House

The 3-D Invisibles – They Won’t Stay Dead /Vampires a Go-Go / Frankenstein Stomp / I Wanna Dig Up Bela Lugosi / Vampires from Venus / I Walked with a Zombie / Mars Needs Women / My Bloody Axe / Gorenography / Mail-Order Monster / Graveyard Rockin’ / The Monster DJ / I Married a Monster from Outer Space / The Blob / Skeleton Rock & Roll / Creature from the Drive-In / Roll Over in your Grave / Blood Feast / To Love a Monster / Werewolf Party / Monsters from Across the USA / Cool Ghoul / Dinner with Leatherface / Stake in my Heart / The Island of Zombie Women / Midnight in the Wax Museum / Swamp Thing

halloween songs 3d invisibles smaller


A Thorn For Every Heart – Dead Man’s Party
Justin Timberlake – True Blood
Toto Coelo – Dracula’s Tango
Trash Monsters – Rockin’ in the Graveyard
Trax – Watch Out for the Boogie Man
T.S.O.L. – Code Blue / Silent Scream / Blackmagic

The Tubes – Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Turbonegro – All My Friends Are Dead / City of Satan
Twisted Sister – The Beast

Twiztid – Down With Us / Mutant X / We Don’t Die

twiztid smaller

Greg Vandyke – Final Scene
Viagra Boys – Worms
Vibrators – Frankenstein Stomp / Wolfman Howl
Vicious Pink – Spooky
The Viewers – Monsters Rule OK

W.A.S.P. – Hellion / Tormentor


Whisper ModevKiller on the Loose
Whodini – Haunted House Of Rock
Wolf Alice – Ghoster
Peter Wolf – Gloomy Sunday / Mars Needs Women
Weird Al Yankovic – Nature Trail to Hell
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

John Zacherle – Dinner with Drac / The Bat / Happy Halloween


Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London

Zombie Girl – Creepy Crawler / We Are the Ones / I Want It / Bleeder / Rave of the Dead / Dead Inside / Halloween ’09 / From Below / Blood, Brains & Rock n Roll / Creature of the Night / Living Dead Superstars / GoZombie / Dance of the Deadless Corpse / The Darkness / Bonesniffer / Symphony of the Living Dead / House of 1000 Corpses

zombie girl

Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl / Dragula

Zombina & the Skeletons – Zombie Hop / Spring Heeled Jack / Nobody Likes You (When You’re Dead)

zombina and the skeletones