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2 Responses to E-me

  1. John Hennessy says:

    Hi, Dan,

    Greetings. I’m trying to track down the rest of the songs by Our Daughter’s Wedding–I used to have the vinyl (long ago lost in the dozens of moves in my teens and twenties) in the old days, and now have only electronic, CD, or cassette capabilities. Can you help me track this down? I got your name from Amazon, where you reviewed the CD they released a few years ago. Now I’m in the ODW headspace and can’t track it down. Any advice would be welcome.
    John Hennessy

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey John,

    Sorry, I’ve tried all the good music shops I know online and I don’t see it anywhere. You should perhaps try to write directly to the record company, Almacantar Records. They have their own website. For some reason, the ODW album is like one of the only ones they don’t have posted for sale anymore, but perhaps they will be doing a repressing.


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