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Although I don’t do it enough anymore, I’ve always enjoyed drawing. As a child, I was constantly drawing things with which I became obsessed: scenes from the Wizard of Oz, Christmas, Halloween, Easter—loved holidays. I became very much a copycat artist, drawing my renditions of album covers—Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Donna Summer, Boy George. And of course, a common theme of my artistic endeavors was…horror! Here are a couple of examples of my Halloween and horror art from the later years, when I was actually more in control of the tool in hand…so-to-speak.

Halloween Book Cover 1985


Perfect example of my copycat work. For a series of years starting in 1985, I did pencil renditions of albums and books released in conjunction with the Halloween movie series. This is the cover art from the novelization of the original movie.

Halloween II Book Cover 1986


A year later, I went chronological and did the cover from the novelization of Halloween II.

Halloween II soundtrack cover 1987


My final year in high school, and I attempted the album cover for the Halloween II soundtrack.

soundtrack.Michael Myers 1988


I was working in a video store when Michael Myers returned for Halloween 4. The promo poster featured his face to the left as it is here, with a scene from the movie on the right side. I, instead, picked up the hand and knife from the Halloween book cover and fit it snuggly into the angle created by Michael’s neck.

Headless Horseman 1990


Guess I was bored when I took a year break between Music and English degrees. From August to October, I completed two pictures with cool pencils that allow for color blending. The headless horseman here is a rip-off from a cardboard Halloween decoration my mom would hang on our back door—you know, one of those cheesy things you’d find at Woolworths. Everything surrounding the horseman comes from my imagination (and memory from various celluloid adaptations of the Washington Irving story over the years).

Witch 1990


I finally had a unique thought with my second 1990 drawing. Came up with this one all on my own, and threw in just about every Halloween cliché imaginable: bats, rats, skulls, cemetery, full moon, owl, snake, spider…. Guess it wasn’t that unique after all.

No Place for Little Ones 2013

For the first time in like 20 years, I picked up the pencils again! I tried my hand at a drawing inspired by my novel No Place for Little Ones.


Don’t Megalick the Power Cord in the Dark 2018

Before the cover for the 6th book in my series became a reality, I presented this sketch of my cover art concept to the artist.

Power Cord sketch

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