Violence of the Mind—when a trick is no treat


While previous films from Scream Kings have been homoerotic or simply featured loads of half-naked guys, Violence of the Mind (aka: Blurred Lines) is the first unabashedly gay film. Directed by Alex Pucci, it stars the beautiful Jon Fleming, who looked amazing in tight 80s shorts in Pucci’s Camp Slaughter, and who also appeared in Pucci’s flick Frat House Massacre. Plus he was a character on the gay horror series Dante’s Cove, so he definitely earned the title “scream king.”


Here, Fleming plays Max, a real estate agent who begins dating an adorable guy named Sebastian…and has gruesome visions of killing Sebastian whenever they get intimate.


Sebastian works as a waiter, and has a loud-mouthed, sassy, vulgar fag hag who injects over-the-top campy lines and humor. I swear, this chick sounds exactly like the chick from the 1990s hit “I Got My Education” by Uncanny Alliance.

Things get real when Max convinces Sebastian to bring a gorgeous dude home for a threesome. They’re doing drugs, and before long, the third leg is dead!


Sebastian’s taste for blood and the adrenalin rush of killing another man are ignited. He begins to have visions of killing men just like Max. Murder becomes their date night pastime and a key aphrodisiac in their sexual and romantic relationship. It also begins to drive a wedge of jealousy between them, leading to worse violent crimes.

Violence of the Mind is not so much a horror movie as it is a character study of serial killers and the idea that disturbed individuals always seem to find each other. It’s sort of like the 1985 flick The Boys Next Door starring Maxwell Caulfield and Charlie Sheen—only gayer, which lands it on the homo horror movies page.

While the film begins with only choking deaths, the violence and gore is amped up as the film progresses and eventually, male genitalia is not treated kindly. EEK! My only real question as they continued their killing spree was, “How do they get rid of the bodies?” It’s never addressed.


The only other thing I’m going to say about Violence of the Mind is that the last five minutes are whacked! The number of deaths and twists is completely insane! It’s all very unexpected in what appears to be a pretty straightforward movie about two gay dudes killing their tricks….

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