The Creature from the Cold Lagoon


I just wrote in a recent blog for James Felix McKenney’s whacked exploitation film Satan Hates You that his follow-up, a creature feature called Hypothermia, would probably be on SyFy any day now. Well, it was on SyFy sister channel Chiller last night! So I can officially say that I’m as shocked that it’s by the same director of Satan Hates You as I thought I would be.

Merle from The Walking Dead takes his family to a house in the middle of nowhere to ice fish. They get acquainted with this other dude and his son who are staying on the lake. This dude is an arrogant asshole, but they still have a little gathering and do some fishing together. The arrogant asshole’s son gets bit by something under the ice…and then all hell breaks loose.

hypothermia monster

The creature is like a black version of a Creature from the Black Lagoon type rubber monster…wearing Batman’s cape as wings. It’s mostly seen in quick flashes to keep things mysterious (aka: hide the fact that it’s a rubber costume). We also get tons of creature POV with a tried and true tunnel vision color filter to distinguish its eyesight from that of humans.

hypothermia half corpse

You can guess what’s going to happen—they each start getting dragged under the ice and the survivors must battle the thing. This goes on until finally Merle’s wife reasons with the monster. No, seriously. She talks to it. And it leaves them alone. The end.

I cannot believe Hypothermia is by the same dude who directed Satan Hates You. Check it out…if it comes on the SyFy or Chiller networks.

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