Frat House Massacre: WTF did I just watch?


Everything about Frat House Massacre, from the title to the shirtless pretty boy on the front cover, tells you you’re in for a movie that’s more homo than horror. And a lot of comments from horror fans on the internet trash it as such (even comparing it to David DeCoteau films). After watching it, I’m guessing either these guys did not watch it all the way through or straight guys are SO completely emasculated by the sight of hot naked guys that they can’t get past it to see how brutally twisted Frat House Massacre is. It makes the Sorority House Massacre movies look like childish fluff.

This movie, directed by Alex Pucci of the Scream Kings movie production company, is HARDCORE, plays by absolutely no rules, and keeps assaulting you with new weirdness. The first segment of the film is definitely loaded with mostly naked frat boys performing some seriously sadistic and gory hazing. But even then there are women present…and there are TWO scenes of muff-diving in the course of the film, as well as more than enough heterosexual sex scenes that are way more graphic than your usual R rated stuff. There are also no POSITIVE presentations of homoeroticism in this film and gay slurs are properly in place to counter the naturally “gay” behavior of hetero frat boy culture.

frat house massacre kidnap

Frat House Massacre takes place at the end of the 70s and you’ll believe it was actually filmed then. The gritty look and feel—as well as cars, sets, music, and wardrobe—scream 1970s. You get moments of grindhouse, Argento, Fulci, 80s slashers, even Scream. It’s all whacked, disturbing, and oddly entertaining. Granted, the film in its uncut form runs nearly 2 hours and drags in spots, but if you stick with it, you’ll be surprised by what you’re seeing in a modern film. Frat House Massacre is loaded with old skool exploitation, violence, nudity, explicit suggestions of sex, drugs, and gore.

On top of that, the tone of the film fluctuates, taking your mind on even more of a trip. Hell, there’s even some humor (including toilet humor) towards the end and a disco dance scene that will make you forget Jamie Lee Curtis’s scene from Prom Night even exists. Hairy man lovers are even thrown a bone with the presence of a nice furry butt. Kills are sick and brutal (you just have to overlook a knife blade bending at one point), there are human dartboards, guys go bi for drugs, girls get pissed on—and then an amazing slaughter sequence takes place at the dance. This movie is fucking INSANE and this final part totally won me over as a horror fan even if the rest of the film was too out there and disturbing for my tastes.

frat house massacre kill

And if you really want more focus on homoeroticism, watch the deleted scenes on the DVD. Several of them have no sound, but they are much more explicitly gay nude scenes. Wow.

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