Hostel comes home to die…


Hey. Hostel Part III is a direct-to-DVD third film in the series without Eli Roth’s involvement. So you can’t expect much. And if you get it for 5 bux, it’s totally worth completing your trilogy.

This time, it’s not even safe to travel in the U.S. A bunch of dudes head to Las Vegas for a bachelor party full of booze and boobs….

I kind of think the opening scene is the most satisfying in Hostel history. Can’t say anything or I’ll give it away. But the good news is, there’s a sexy bald dude with his shirt open.

More good news. When we meet our main group of guys, the “bachelor” is cute as hell—not shirtless, but I found that wet and wild pic online so I thought I’d share.


For the straight guys, there is plenty of female T&A as well (that I won’t share). After all, these boys are partying, so there will be strippers.

Hostel Part III hits you with numerous false horror setups…that tricked me every time. Nice job. The new catch with this installment is that private audiences are betting on the torture scenarios. The first kill really made me uncomfortable, especially because of the way the dude screams. The second kill is a gross out for the squeamish, but it’s over really fast and falls flat. The third kill, involving a chick in a tight leather suit and a mask, is also fairly torturous—and not only because there’s a chick in a tight leather suit.

Just when you’re not sure where things are going, Hostel Part III shows its true colors; it’s a love story! You have to see it to believe the motive behind these men being led to the slaughter. There’s a big fight in front of an audience, there’s a bomb, there’s an explosion, and there’s a “twist ending.”

What more can I say? It’s run-of-the-mill, but I think it does an okay job of grossing us out a little and delivering some satisfying gore. But I also think it would be really smart to end the franchise here….

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