Fright Flick just gets better with time….


From Israel Luna, the man who brought us Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives and the non-horror film R U Invited? (about an all-male sex party), comes 2011’s Fright Flick—a movie heavier on boobs than balls—and really heavy boobs at that. While there are gay characters, this one is a straight guy’s wet dream.

Straight up slasher and purely retro in feel, Fright Flick even gives us the animated comic book panels to segue between scenes a la Creepshow. The opening shower scene has this chick playing with her huge bazongas, rubbing them, and squishing them together. All me and my hubby felt were cases of the giggles. Until her goofy cute boyfriend showed up and got slightly naked.

While many horror movies fail by starting off really good and then going to hell at the end, Fright Flick actually gets better the longer you watch, with tons of payoff. It’s a story of backstabbing on the set of a horror movie trilogy. And it has some of the fricking hottest, grittier old skool style kills in recent slashers.

The kills string together a complexity of dialogue between numerous characters throwing a load of clues and red herrings our way. This kind of slow burning, despite throwing in some campy dialogue and situations (including the presence of a queeny punk), challenged my ADHD, so the sexy kills had to tame it.

fright flick - chad allen

But then comes the climactic sequences, from the killer reveal to the chase scene, and it is fricking glorious. This is what we’ve been waiting for, and the pursuit of the final characters by the killer is amazingly choreographed, blocked, and timed. I have to watch it again to look for edits, but I seriously think it may have all been done in one take. There are also Halloween II and Friday the 13th homages that slasher fans will appreciate.

After all is said and done, we get a prologue that is such a perfect 80s slasher WTF moment, in place just to exploit the horror (and maybe offer the promise of a sequel?). LOVE IT.

Only other things to note: out actor Chad Allen has a small and convincing role as a straight dude, some of which was left on the cutting room floor (and in the DVD extras), as was a gore-tastic extended cut of one of the deaths. And my final word; the male lead is so fricking adorable. I only wish the shirtless action hadn’t been obscured by props.


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  1. Israel Luna says:

    Wow! Thanks for the awesome review, Daniel! I’m so happy that you caught all of my little old school horror hints/homages! You know your horror.

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