I’ve had it with these motherfucking demons on this motherfucking plane!

I’m a fan of most of the movies by Chad Ferrin, director of Unspeakable, The Ghouls, Easter Bunny, Kill, Kill!, Someone’s Knocking at the Door, and The Chair, so when I learned he’d done a horror comedy called Exorcism at 60,000 Feet, it was an automatic blind buy.

Basically, it’s Airplane meets Repossessed, so if you’re into that kind of silly, slapstick comedy (from 4 decades ago—damn I’m old), you’ll love this one.

Campy, crude, and loaded with iconic names in horror, this fun flick begins with a priest exorcising Bill Moseley and then getting on a plane.

Next we meet the crazy crew and passengers.

Lance Henriksen is the pilot, Kevin J. O’Connor is the copilot, and Little Matthew Moy (Han from Two Broke Girls) is one of the hilarious flight attendants. However, veteran actress Bai Ling steals the show as the other attendant, although some might find her stereotypical Asian portrayal for laughs tired, not “woke”.

Passengers include two nuns, a rabbi, a muscle head, a slut, a hippy chick and her cute, horny husband, Adrienne Barbeau as a woman with very unique service dog, and Kelli Maroney of Night of the Comets as a woman who treats her adult little person son as a child.

The demon the priest exorcised is unleashed and begins to possess one person after another with comic results, often offensive, just as I like it. Hell, there’s nun on nun and rabbi on priest kissing. 

There are also plenty of horror movie references for fans of the genre, making this a goodie for your horror movie party night.


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