Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!

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It’s another one for the holiday horror page, and with a title like Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!, I didn’t even need to come up with a clever headline for this blog. This 2006 film walks a fine line between grindhouse/exploitation and a simple holiday slasher, and it does it pretty damn well. It has intentionally offensive, over-the-top sexual and horror absurdity, but it also has significant slasher horror elements. It never fully commits to either subgenre, but the results are a stylized, watchable hybrid.

We meet this scumbag guy who is dating a single mother with an intellectually disabled son. She’s totally into the boyfriend even though he’s a piece of slovenly white trash and she’s an elegant, sophisticated woman.

easter bunny kill kill mom and man

The boyfriend and the son are amazing in their roles. I can’t believe I’m saying that about a low-budget exploitation flick, but really, they nail it. The boyfriend verbally abuses the intellectually disabled son when the mom’s not around and it’s disturbing enough to make you uncomfortable thanks to their performances. It’s one of those psychological mind fucks where the boyfriend threatens to kill this bunny the son got from a homeless man if the son tells the mother anything that happens between them.

easter bunny kill kill son

I began fearing there was going to be sexual abuse and this was so not going to be my kind of movie, especially when the boyfriend offers to babysit the son on Easter while the mom works. Instead, the boyfriend leaves the son alone to pick up some prostitutes to bring home to party. Unfortunately, he invites over this obese drug supplier who walks on crutches…and brings a suitcase full of sex toys he plans to use on the son’s “boy pussy.”

All I have to say is, bless the lord for killer Easter bunnies!

easter bunny kill kiil murder

After the first kill, it basically becomes a holiday slasher, with various visitors coming to the house to up the body and booby count.

It’s gritty, gory, and creepy as the guy in the Easter bunny mask lurks in shadows and eerie lighting. Not to mention, there are sheets of plastic hanging all over the house, adding to the atmosphere of the film. There are even a couple of twists and a dark comic humor ending.

My favorite line has to be when everyone in the house is freaking out and the boyfriend says, “It’s Easter, not fucking Halloween!” If that line had been the entire trailer I would have known right off that this was the Easter horror film for me.

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