Incubus vs. Inkubus!

Two cheesy b-horror movies, made nearly 30 years apart, each starring men from much bigger horror movies, and both with almost the same name!

INCUBUS (1982)


Incubus stars John Cassavetes of Rosemary’s Baby. It’s basically an 80s slasher with a horny ghost as the killer. Seriously. There’s constant talk of loads of semen being all up in the va-jay-jays of the female victims.

The movie is somewhat of a mess (beyond the loads of semen), yet it’s highly entertaining and delivers the horror, combining a 60s/70s gothic feel with 80s slasher tropes, nudity, and plenty of violence and gore.

There’s even a video performance by rock band Samson. Here it is for your viewing pleasure, but you do get to see most of it in the movie when kids are watching it at a theater…while a chick gets brutally attacked in the bathroom.

As John Cassavetes moves closer and closer to the truth about these attacks, we do eventually get to see the hideous incubus up close and personal.


INKUBUS (2011)


Inkubus is another supernatural slasher. Imagine that. And the killer is…Robert Englund. N Sync alum Joey Fatone as the main detective looks bearishly cute. From his padded cell, he is telling the story of horrible events that happened at his police station and how Robert impregnated his wife….


After a kid is taken into police custody following the slaughter of his girlfriend during sex…Robert Englund walks in with the girlfriend’s head and the fun begins.

You’ve seen this kind of movie before. The evil dude they have imprisoned at the police station screws with everyone’s mind and makes them do awful things to each other. I personally enjoyed when a big, bald, hairy chested cop rips off his shirt before beating someone to a pulp.


So the movie is a big mess. But hey. It delivers some scares and plenty of brutal and bloody kills. Plus, we do get to see Robert Englund’s demon side at the end of the film.


But my favorite parts of Inkubus have to be Joey Fatone’s sex scene and a reference to his puckered up butthole.


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