No, it’s really not “National Lampoon’s” Vegas Vampires


Fred Williamson has been doing action, horror, and blaxploitation flicks for decades. He even faced off against vamps in From Dusk Till Dawn. So how cool would it be if Fred directed and starred in a black vampire movie? It would be way cool…if it wasn’t Vegas Vampires.

It’s all fun and games in Vegas—actually, it’s mostly uninteresting dialogue and disappointing sexy times—until our party people start getting attacked by bloodthirsty vampires once they’ve finished doing a zombie trance dance around a campfire.


But don’t worry! The police are on the job…when they’re struggling not to break into laughter because these vampires with huge buckteeth vampire fang mouthpieces jump in front of them grunting and growling.

Let them laugh! Because the sexy nun with leather dominatrix attire under her habit has been sent by the pope to vanquish the vamps!


Meanwhile, KCi & JoJo are performing at a club. Yet they never get around to singing their hit “All My Life.” They also never get around to getting bitten by the vampires. And Daniel Baldwin is…I don’t even know. He’s just kind of hanging out in front of the club so they could have the Baldwin name in the cast.

The ultimate task is to take down the hideous vampire master who appeared in one scene at the beginning of the movie—as well as the vampires that start falling from the sky!


Call in Fred Williamson to drag the Vegas vampires out into the daylight, poolside, where they turn into video game fire.

What can I say? I got it for 2 dollars “like new” on Amazon….

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