I Heart U has a whole lot of hearts…and blood


Sometimes, two psychos find each other…and don’t even know it! That’s the premise of indie campy gorefest I Heart U.

B-movie veterans Raine Brown and Billy Garberina play the noticeably mismatched and fairly boring married couple who would be much happier and interesting if only they each knew that the other was a psychotic killer!

I Heart U definitely starts off as evil dark humor schlock, with Raine and Billy living together yet living separate lives; he’s out picking up hookers to kill and she’s picking up any man she shakes her tits at to kill since men are whores that you can get for free!

i heart u woman

There’s some side story about Billy’s unhappiness at his job, as well as a subplot about Raine’s gay best friend getting married! This is where I get all excited because her gay best friend is played by cutie bear Jeremy Owen, who also happens to be an erotic horror/sci-fi/comic artist I met at Bent-Con in November! This is the biggest horror movie role I’ve seen him in yet…that doesn’t involve him wearing a mask.


Other than that, the film is really all about the kills. There are plenty of them and I must say, based on the tone of the film at the beginning, I did not expect them to get as vicious and gruesome as they do. I Heart U could be called I Heart Gore. Holy crap. Raine’s kills in particular are hella sadistic and gnarly. Uber-impressive special effects in this one. I cringed a few times.

i heart u man

Naturally, husband and wife eventually find out each other’s dirty little secrets, and their reactions may not be what you’d expect. Also, keep an eye out for several cameos by indie horror staples like Alan Rowe Kelly and Joe Zaso!

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