I can never get enough of Rolfe Kanefsky’s sexy scary horror

What I love about director Rolfe Kanefsky is that his style has remained consistent since his first film There’s Nothing Out There way back in 1991. To this day his movies feel like sleazy direct-to-VHS schlock from that very year, and I can’t get enough of it. Plus, he gives guys as much naked screen time as the ladies.

While I covered a bunch of his films here, it’s time to look at two erotic horror flicks he made in the new millennium.


jacqueline hyde cover

Despite its rather campy title, this one doesn’t go for the humorous possibilities (you’ll have to stick to 1995’s Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde for that). This is a good old sexual reworking of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic work of horror fiction.

jacqueline hyde man booty

jacqueline hyde gramps corpse

A young woman inherits a mansion from the grandfather she didn’t really know she had (huh?).

jacqueline hyde mansion room

She soon discovers his lab, his research notes and tapes, and his test tubes full of glowing liquid.

jacqueline hyde potion

Not only is the stuff inside delicious, it makes her super horny and gives her the ability to turn into any kind of sexy woman she wants—or any kind of hunky man she wants! The possibilities are endless…

jacqueline hyde surprise stud

jacqueline hyde studly neighbor

There’s plenty of boobs, plenty of man bods and butts, and plenty of sex scenes, but the film also doesn’t skimp on the classic gore. As she begins to give in to her Hyde side, she uses sex as a weapon…literally.

jacqueline hyde morph together

She sexually assaults men and women and maims and kills those who resist. She pokes a guy’s eyes out with her tits.

jacqueline hyde titattack

Hell, she even licks a woman dry….

jacqueline hyde sucked dry

I can’t comprehend that this movie wasn’t made in 1991. They just don’t make them like this anymore. Actually they do, and Rolfe just did, with his latest film.


black room cover

The Black Room is like a bad House sequel meets Hellraiser wrapped up in unapologetic, cheesy late 80s/early 90s throwback erotic horror. And in contrast to Jacqueline Hyde, the horny devil is a guy this time.

black room freak face

Natasha Henstridge, famous for playing Eve in the Species movies, moves into a new house with her hot hubby, and they immediately begin having sexual problems. They just don’t seem to be on the same schedule at all.

black room demon woman

That’s because there’s some sexual supernatural portal in the basement that is unleashing demonic forces to get the pair off when they’re alone. Awesome.

black room demon

Meanwhile, anyone who comes into the house—usually some sort of blue-collar worker—gets killed off.

black room hublick

black room hubbunbutton

And the husband begins acting very different…after he has a sexy encounter with the portal in the basement…

black room hubbutt

black room hubchest

But man, his demonic sex scene is even more fucked up.

black room throat

This wacky shit is Kanesky at his most fun, and includes appearances by Lin Shaye, Dominique Swain, James “Kea-no” Duval, and Tiffany Shepis.

black room lin

As far as I’m concerned, The Black Room is just the foreplay to his upcoming film Party Bus to Hell starring Tara Reid.

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