Going to camp with the devil…and everyone’s pitching a tent

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As with its indie horror movie selection, Amazon Prime is a great platform for getting homebrewed serial material out there that would be overlooked by the more snooty streaming services. 7 Deadly Roommates is the latest to add to the list of campy gems I’ve discovered thanks to Prime.

The 8-episode series (most episodes running about 15 – 20 minutes long) finds seven sinful contestants involuntarily sharing a suite on a reality show hosted by none other than Satan himself.

7 deadly roommates cast

Each roommate quickly begins to demonstrate their deadly sin of choice – Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Greed, Vanity, Wrath, Sloth – as Satan relishes the debauchery in the house.

7 deadly roommates house

7 deadly roommates cast drink

And he’s even guilty of giving into his own power of temptation, provoking further naughtiness.

7 deadly roommates satanandqueen

This is pure quirky, campy fun, loaded with sexual and gross out humor, and the cast is absolutely perfect. This is how an indie production should be put together; the low budget isn’t a deterrent to creativity and talent.

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The show is the creation of Kai Morgan, who plays ravenously bisexual “Lust,” and Mili Rakic, who could charm the pants off Lucifer in his role as Satan. Aside from being clever as hell (literally), these two little fuckers really bring out the daddy in me. I find them both ridiculously adorable, and the fact that they represent sex and Satan makes them even more delectable.

Kai’s lust oozes hilariously from his every orifice, tickling my funny bone and also tickling the latent top tendencies I keep bottled up inside.

7 deadly roommates gotback

And Mili’s huge dimples, beautiful big mouth, and pretty boy lips are the perfect size to accommodate my fat ass.

7 deadly roommatessatan

I just need to avoid getting poked by those horns. Actually, quite the contrary…

7 deadly roommates satanhorns

No one is outshone here, with the entire cast delivering standout performances, including the bitchy gay boy Envy, food-loving Gluttony, trans-tastic Vanity, Sloth the stoner, “good” Christian girl Wrath, and straight but not narrow Greed.

7 deadly roommates gluttonstoner

In fact, what makes the show’s gayness so refreshing is that there’s no homophobia present at all. Satan himself is so colorful he wouldn’t allow it!

7 deadly roommates queens

Sure, Greed rejects Lust’s advances (mostly), but it’s never with anger, hatred, or anti-gay slurs. He fully embraces that Lust is a slut, as we all should. After all, every one of us lusts, and lust is just another way of saying slut.

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7 deadly roommates drinking

7 deadly roommates guys in bed

The entire sinful group of roommates is nonjudgmental, which is what makes these 7 Deadly Roommates (and Satan) so damn lovable.

7 deadly roommates sleepover

Will there be a season two? I don’t know, but there is a devilish twist that makes it a distinct possibility. In the meantime, the show officially scores a spot on my homo hell-evision page.

7 deadly rooommates heel in head

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