When The Car collides with Road Games, you get Creep Van!


It feels like the 1977 killer car movie The Car was the inspiration for Creep Van, which is a total homage to the 1970s, from the music references and “pulp” feel of the picture quality to the concept of a van being a “bad guy” vehicle. Awesome. Creep Van even borrows a classic moment from The Car involving the vehicle and an entire house.

As b-movies go, Creep Van starts off really strong. Star Brian Kolodziej is hot, hunky, and a goofball all in one. Yum. He was also in Flight of the Living Dead, one of my all-time favorite zombie flicks.


Younger – model shot. Cute.


More mature – beefier -butcher -rockin’ the Jensen Ackles look. Hotter.

But this blog isn’t about Brian Kolodziej. Although, it should be (the more mature, beefier, butcher Brian). But anyway. Back to Creep Van. There’s blood and boobs. The kills are gruesome for a while. Plus, there’s some cheesy, adolescent S&M sexual content/humor.

The premise of one dude being pursued by a creep in a van definitely reminds me of the classic Stacey Keach/Jamie Lee Curtis slasher Road Games. It also reminds me of a porn I made up in my head starring me and Brian Kolodziej (the more mature, beefier, butcher Brian). Plus, there’s a cameo by Mr. Troma himself, Lloyd Kaufman, and a mock “Ted Nugent” character who actually has some redeemable qualities…and good teeth.

But then the film’s plot comes to a screeching halt and you realize the only thing that kept it going was the barrage of kills. The last few minutes salvage Creep Van with more gory kills. It could have been salvaged even more with a scene featuring Brian Kolodziej shirtless (the more mature, beefier, butcher Brian).

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