Outpost is like the Castle Wolfenstein of zombie movies

Even the titles in this series sound like video games! Are men and monsters enough to keep me watching if I can’t control the action?

OUTPOST (2007)


Beware the Nazi zombie ghosts! Yep, these military men aren’t contending with the usual undead. The plot involves Nazi experiments years before that led to the Nazi zombie ghosts today. There are several effectively creepy scenes, and there are also a couple of scenes of Nazi zombie ghosts torturing soldiers with sharp objects near the face, but it’s really not too gruesome.

outpost zombie

While there are some moments of tension and atmosphere when these army dudes infiltrate the “outpost” in this film, there’s just no HORROR. It’s all talking, fleeting shots of Nazi zombie ghosts, and gun fighting.

outpost zombie 2

The actor on the DVD cover looks like gay porn star Zak Spears to me, so that’s a plus.

outpost spears



I don’t even know if you could consider Outpost: Black Sun a zombie movie. These zombie soldiers, created by a Nazi as part of his immortal army, are trained military and use guns rather than teeth.

outpost black sun zombie

You don’t really need to have seen the first to watch this one. Some chick is on a mission to find a Nazi war criminal. Before long, she hooks up with a virtual army of men—which takes away any real fear effect.

Outpost: Black Sun is essentially a survival horror video game you don’t get to play. You watch this group of well-armed soldiers go from one area to another killing Nazi zombies while putting files and items into their inventory as the game progresses, until finally they end up in a lab to fight the final boss.

Outpost: Black Sun has two awesome horror moments. First comes a sort of “found footage” flashback that delivers the film’s lone super jump scare. Then there’s this chuckling Nazi zombie witch that is creepier and more deadite than anything in the Evil Dead remake. She deserves a spinoff….

outpost black sun witch


outpost 3

More World War II flick than zombie flick and more action hero flick than zombie flick, Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz fills the Outpost franchise with more testosterone than ever before. A whole lot of war stuff happens in the woods between Russian soldiers and Nazis, with a dash of gory zombie action here and there. The Nazis capture the Russians and bring them to an underground facility where they pit them against big hulking zombies.

outpost rise of zombie hulk

Only one man is left standing—super stud Bryan Larkin. The film is a showcase for his sexy action hero persona as he single-handedly takes on Nazis (and some zombies) to escape.

outpost rise of star

Not sure if the franchise has any life (or undead) in it after this one, but I could watch Larkin all day long….

outpost bryan larkin

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