The no-no holes from hell!

Something evil is brewing in your belly, and what end it comes out of depends on what gender you are. I take on the horror comedies Bad Milo and Hell Baby!

BAD MILO (2013)


A man keeps all his stress bottled up inside his intestines…in the form of a nasty little monster!

Naturally, there’s toilet humor in Bad Milo. The adorable comic actor Ken Marino plays the man who even names his ass monster Milo once he learns that it’s a part of him he must try to control. Whenever Ken gets upset, Milo pops out of his ass to kill…and then Ken bends over so Milo can slip back in when he’s done doing his business!


But amazingly, the shit humor is left to a minimum.

There are a couple of kills (mostly shown as splattering blood), and there’s also a mouth-to-ass scene (The Human Centipede really paved the way). And while there’s nothing really scary about Bad Milo, the colonoscopy scene will make your butt hole clench.


But of course it’s not about the scares, considering it’s a comedy about an ass monster! You’d think it would be a schlocky gross out flick, but Bad Milo actually goes much deeper than that…deep inside a man’s mind (and rectum). It looks at how the psyche handles emotional distress, how we all keep a dark side buried within us…and how we just have to relax our sphincters and let go of that shit sometimes!

And here is cutie Ken Marino.

bad milo ken marino collage

HELL BABY (2013)


You’ll recognize much of the cast of Hell Baby—many of them from their day jobs doing interview segments on VH1 shows like Best Week Ever and I Love the (insert decade here).

This slapstick spoof of possession and demon baby movies focuses on a couple who moves into a creepy old house in New Orleans while the wife is pregnant. There are plenty of laughs and horror cliché gags as well as a totally meandering plot. The movie is more like a series of goofy, interconnected skits most of the time.

hell baby gore

The horror comedy fun is slightly spoiled by one thing—a cast of familiar faces as a team of priests and cops  (Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer). I assume the scenes involving this handful of comic veterans is intended to bring much of the humor to the film, but I found a majority of their shtick a distraction that completely killed the pace and tone of the much better horror humor going on in the house.

hell baby levitate

Of course, the priests and police are destined to be called in for the birth/exorcism scene! They definitely redeem themselves in the last scene. I’d love to see a cut of Hell Baby with most of their earlier scenes removed; it would make this near perfect low-budget horror spoof perfect.

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