STREAM QUEEN: various levels of laughter in this foursome

If you like humor with your horror…you might not be totally satisfied with the majority of these four. Let’s get into them.

SUPER HOT (2021)

If you’re looking for an action-packed, fast-paced horror comedy with tons of blood, look elsewhere. But if you like a change of pace and indulged in the geek-friendly, chill, dry humor comedy of Clerks in the 1990s, Super Hot is definitely one not to be missed.

This is a perfect example of how inexcusable it is for indie filmmakers to cast people that can’t act in their films. Virtually every starring role in Super Hot is filled by someone with little to no other acting credits on IMDb, yet it feels like they should be starring in more mainstream Hollywood flicks already.

Our main girl, who reminds me of Laura Prepon of That 70s Show, is a lesbian geek pizza delivery girl who loves horror films and Star Wars. Her best buddies are also geeks and one of them is clearly gay although his sexuality is never discussed.

When our main girl’s lady friend scores a boyfriend and decides to move into a sorority house at Christmas time (landing this on the holiday horror page), she decides to check the place out by delivering a pizza. Meanwhile, one of her buddies snoops around the sorority house and sees unnerving signs of murder….

Now our main girl and her friends realize they have to bust her love interest out of the place…with the help of the new boyfriend and another unexpected ally—Van Helsing! Indeed, it turns out these sorority babes are vampires!

It’s the charm of the performances and the chemistry of the characters that carry the movie, which might bore some but will have others just enjoying the mellow but quite funny ride.

LILLITH (2019)

Coming off Super Hot, it’s glaringly obvious that Lillith is an indie film that doesn’t have the cast or smart enough script to support the chill pacing. It just did not work for me and my hubba hubba, who actually liked the hell out of Super Hot.

There have been plenty of sex romp horror comedies about teens that summon a succubus, so Lillith really needed to push some buttons to live up to its predecessors.

Our main girl gets dumped by her cheating boyfriend. She wants revenge. Her Wiccan lesbian friend suggests a spell to give him a succubus STD or something.

Lillith is conjured but kind of misinterprets her purpose after reinventing herself as a hot goth redhead. She is on the prowl for boys to kill, and it’s up to our main girl and friends to stop the succubus.

There are a few funny moments here, and the girl playing Lillith would have totally been up to the campy task if given better material. As it is, she shines in the minimal number of kill scenes she gets. None of the actors really have any juicy material to work with, so there’s only so much entertainment they can bring to the low-key script.


I guess it was a bad sign when this zomcom started with real news footage of world leaders talking about a viral outbreak…including Trump. Ugh.

But I’m a sucker for buddy zombedies, so I plowed on. However, this film just doesn’t give us much of anything that all the best buddy zomcoms do.

The “buddies” are cops. One is a young guy, the other a cute bear who is unfortunately rendered annoying by the excessively overplayed meta movie dialogue shtick. It’s virtually unbearable at this point.

There’s also a young couple that sneaks onto abandoned property and gets attacked by a zombie. Eventually the two duos and some others come together and must fight to survivor a zombie apocalypse with little in the way of zombies…or laughs.

There are simply no standout moments in this short, 75-minute movie at all. Although, it does have a little something extra, which might leave you intrigued…


I don’t know if Cut and Chop would even be considered a dark comedy, despite the IMDb labels. It’s odd and quirky for sure, but also mostly just a portrait of a man pushed to madness for his art. The plot could have been condensed into a 30-minute short in an anthology.

The star is also the writer and director. He plays a method actor who becomes obsessed with the art of being a butcher for a role. He stops at a butcher shop and liquor store regularly (where Ron Jeremy plays the owner).

His girlfriend notices him getting progressively weirder, and he begins biting her hard during sex. Problem for the audience is that we never see him not weird, so it’s hard to go along for his ride as the antagonistic protagonist.

Eventually he takes his love of butchering too far, and it involves his girlfriend, a couple she knows, a dinner party, and cannibalism.

There’s gore, disturbing imagery, and bizarre situations, but where it is all leading is rather inevitable…

However, the hunky leading man definitely delivers the goods in other ways…

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