Someone has taken her love of making horror films one step too far


Peaches Christ, queen of the midnight movies, set out to make a midnight movie. And damn did she succeed. 2010’s All About Evil is a perfect indie film that makes you feel like you are AT the theater with all the other fans, watching horror films…and getting slashed to death to be IN the next midnight movie.

all about evil peaches

That’s the simple plot of All About Evil. Natasha Lyonne, of American Pie and oodles of indie flix, is about to lose her father’s old theater when she gets struck in the head with a great idea. Actually, it’s more like she strikes her bitch mother in the heart and then gets an idea. Kill people while filming it and then show them as horror movies!

The crowd eats it up. They flock to the theater. Peaches Christ, the queen of midnight movies, is even impressed enough to show up (wink wink). And our unlikely filmmaker gathers together a band of crazies to help her continue making new movies to show everyone.

all about evil cast

It’s gore-tastic. It’s got goth. It’s got glam. It’s got gays. It’s got a beheading that turns into a beboobing. It seems to have the evil little twin girls from The Shining, all grown and ghastly! It also has a load of horror and cult veterans, including Jack Donner and Mink Stole.

all about evil mink

It’s got Ashley Fink, the slut who scores Puck on Glee. It has cutie Thomas Dekker from Heroes and The Secret Circle. It has Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson, who’d rather her son was gay than a fan of horror films. Hey! What if we’re both??? Eh. We know Elvira. She’ll end up loving us even more.

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