Adults shouldn’t play with dead things either


It’s so good to see indie directors keeping alive the tradition of eerie horror movies of the 70s involving the occult, demons, the living dead, and plenty of gut-munching. Demon Resurrection, by director William Hopkins, is the perfect combination of all of the above. I really felt like I was watching a ghoulish 70s flick on an 80s VHS tape.

Before Evil Dead, the remake, Demon Resurrection had a bunch of friends coming to an isolated house to help a friend get over what they think is a drug addiction. Cult addiction is the last thing they expected.

demon resurrection guy

As the film begins with backstory of this chick’s involvement in the cult and her hot hot man trying to save her, we get to see both of them naked.

demon resurrection booty

There’s also a good old fire-in-the-woods-black-magic-ceremony, another hot man body (courtesy of horror himbo Joe Zaso), and boob branding.

demon resurrection joe zaso

But the real fun begins after sundown. Demon Resurrection so reminds me of movies like Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things. There are freaky demon-zombie creeps in robes coming out of the ground, surrounded by eerie green lighting and fog at all times. Awesome. The house falls under siege, with the ghouls breaking through the windows to make a meal out of everyone. Amazing.

demon resurrection window fight

There are some great nuances here. When one chick gets pulled out the window and her friends try to pull her back in, there’s realistic attention paid to what exactly happens when you’re being yanked across the remaining glass shards in a broken window. Ouch! And the music score is old skool creepy sound effect style without attention to a distinct melody, plus it drops out and leaves us with nothing but tense silence at key moments to excellent effect. And just when you think you’re safe boarding up the first floor of the house, these fricking demon-zombies start climbing the trellis. I’d die.

demon resurrection zombies

Demon Resurrection is a great reminder of how great simple indie horror flicks used to be—and still can be. This is a perfect one to pop in on Halloween night.

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