Not even water parks are safe from Piranha 3DD!


That’s right. For the sequel to the awesome Piranha 3D, the fish are contained to a water park!

piranha 3dd lead rescue

This time, the opening cameo kills go to Gary Busey and Clu Gulager. You know immediately the goal is to top the grossness of the first film because they are trying to drag Busey’s cow out of the lake at night, and we get a close-up of the cow pooping piranha eggs….

So on to the water park. The main girl’s stepdad runs the place and he’s basically turning it into a porn park, loaded with wet naked women with built-in flotation devices! Indeed, it’s another round of TAP (T & A…and P). And of course, the first threat has to be aimed at a couple skinny-dipping. At the same time, there’s another couple in a van next to the lake. Big twist? The couple in the van gets it! How you ask? Not telling, but I promise you, Piranha 3DD doesn’t have flying fish like the original Piranha sequel (you can read my thoughts on that one here).

Christopher Lloyd is back giving the main girl and her friends some advice about fighting the piranha. Legless Ving Rhames is back with artificial limbs that double as guns! This awesome water park even has David Hasselhoff appearing as a guest lifeguard in his Baywatch suit! Plenty of campy moments involving all these cameos.

piranha 3dd the hoff

And of course, there are the gross outs. More weenie eating, and it’s even more over-the-top than the first film because it takes place on dry land…while a dude is having sex.

piranha 3dd ween

And then there’s a filter fucker—a chubby dude who’s always in the pool screwing one of the filter jets. There’s even a piranha in the ass scene. And yet, overall, the movie still doesn’t top the level of gore in the original film.

Even so, if you loved Piranha 3D (which I blogged about here), I can’t imagine you not appreciating the absurd scenarios in Piranha 3DD. And it only runs an hour and ten minutes, but is padded to an hour and twenty minutes by ten minutes of bloopers during the closing credits. Shorter than an hour and a half and bloopers? That’s my kind of fish flick.

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