The Supernaturals – night of the Civil War zombie ghosts!


The Supernaturals has Civil War ghosts re-enacting the Civil War and a modern day military platoon paying because southern ghosts are a bunch of sore losers. Sounds like everything a Dan movie shouldn’t be.

On the plus side, it came from 1986, Maxwell Caulfield is an army man, there are some creepy zombies, dark spooky woods, plenty of fog, and Lieutenant Uhura plays the army sergeant.


One more little tidbit; Maurice Gibb has a cameo because he was supposed to score the music for the movie, but that fell through. Maybe his score would have helped; I can’t stand the whimsical military music that opens and closes the film.

The Supernaturals is generally a pretty boring film with a couple of incredibly cool, atmospheric, and eerie moments involving the Civil War zombie ghosts. The platoon finds an underground cavern. One army guy shoots the head of a skull they find down there. They keep seeing a chick in pink roaming around the woods. They end up having a gun battle with Civil War ghosts.

Those army men who don’t accidentally kill themselves or each other (it happens quite a bit) get killed by the zombies with no signs of gore. Eventually, Maxwell Caulfield is the only man remaining and suddenly becomes the star of the film whose objective is to do away with the lady in pink. Hey! I just realized. He wanted a Pink Lady in 1982 and wanted to kill a lady in pink in 1986!


Like I said, a couple of cool zombie sequences are the most you’re going to get out of this fairly slow and tame military horror film.

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