Good Christmas! Not another holiday horror!


Just when I thought I’d seen everything, I stumbled upon a holiday slasher starring Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp infamy! The 2009 low budget flick Deadly Little Christmas plays off a classic holiday slasher theme; see Santa having sex, become psychotic killer.


Felissa and her daughters and son are having a nice Christmas, even including the hot maid in the fun. Santa comes in and gives gifts, Felissa gets distracted by fighting siblings, and Santa sneaks off to the bedroom with the hot maid, where they are sliced and diced by a spring-loaded fake knife blade. Minutes later, the son walks out the front door holding the bloody knife and is sent off to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium…I mean, Camp Arawak. Nope. Actually, it’s just a generic nut house.


15 years later, the son is still in the nut house, one sister is about to get it on with her really cute, shirtless boyfriend, and the other sister looks like Neve Campbell in Scream. She’s also planning a Christmas show.


Meanwhile, Felissa is at the nut house trying to get through to her son…until he disappears. In fact, a majority of the film takes place in the nut house, with Felissa running around telling everyone her son is probably killing everyone he comes across.

Don’t you know, people start dying left and right. Actually, guys start dying. When the body reveal comes at the end of the movie, it’s a total sausage factory. You don’t see that every day in a slasher. You don’t even see that once a year in a slasher.


The killer has a hoodie and a mask and performs your standard stabs and jabs. It’s low-budget silliness with a little holiday atmosphere and not much horror atmosphere, and relies almost entirely on Felissa Rose’s presence.


She makes the final confrontation between the escaped brother and his sisters a manic mess. There’s even a shocking twist. But the real twist is that it doesn’t involve a chick with a dick.

What can I say? Deadly Little Christmas is a Christmas slasher, but it’s not Silent Night, Deadly Night. It’s got Felissa Rose, but it’s not Sleepaway Camp.


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