Christmas in July: ‘Twas the night of The Night Sitter

Yay! It’s another Christmas horror movie to add to my holiday horror page! Although the title doesn’t acknowledge it, the house in The Night Sitter is aglow with holiday lights. Actually, the characters don’t even acknowledge it. Christmas is just festive background noise.

And while the title suggests another stalked babysitter movie, this one comes with a twist. The darkly comic tone reminds me very much of the Christmas horror flick Better Watch Out, but for me personally, this is a way better film, especially since the character that hasn’t been good for goodness sake isn’t a creepy douche.

A young woman comes to babysit a boy and his friend while their single parents go out on a date together. The boy’s dad, who fancies himself a paranormal investigator, warns the babysitter that his office is off limits. There’s also a kind of nice, kind of odd dude living next door who tries his best to buddy up to her once she’s alone.

But the babysitter has other problems…and plans. When the boy of the house begs her to believe him that something sinister is after him, she does her best to calm his worries and then puts him to bed.

She then invites friends over, people go off to have sex…and wouldn’t you know, the boys sneak into the office and mess with things they shouldn’t, unleashing three witchy entities.

YES! The Night Sitter becomes a blend demon possession movie and supernatural slasher, with bloody kills, likable characters, a good body count, and a fun, subtle sense of humor as the group of kids takes on these evil bitches.

I will definitely be adding this one to my collection when Uncork’d Entertainment releases it on DVD later this summer.

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