Chillerama: the horror anthology tradition goes gay


Chillerama has totally not gotten the cult following it deserves. Not in the horror subculture OR the gay subculture. Because the truth is, this film is pretty damn gay! It’s got a killer sperm. It’s got gay bear werewolves. It’s got man-eating zombies. Oh…and it has musical numbers! This is absurd sex and violence exploitation at its best.

The wraparound story of Chillerama involves a dude getting bit in his bits by a zombie and then bringing the virus to a drive-in theater that’s showing a midnight movie marathon….

First up cums “Wadzilla.” This sperm-filled treat is right up gay guys’ alley. It’s out of control sperm camp with a retro 50s sci-fi feel.

chillerama sperm

A dude having sperm count problems is given a special pill that instead turns his one lone sperm into a giant monster! This is creature feature greatness for gay audiences, and the messy finish will have you cringing and giggling. This segment also features appearances by Eric Roberts, Ray Wise, and Lin Shaye.

Next up is the unforgettable gay horror musical “I Was a Teenage Werebear.” Set in 1962, it’s like An American Werewolf in London meets Grease. It’s directed by gay horror director Tim Sullivan—which is why it’s so perfectly gay. Tim holds nothing back, from the werebear singing and dancing in his jockstrap to hairy werebears in leather mounting young hotties.

chillerama corrigan

This is seriously a gay classic. Lin Shaye and director Tim Sullivan both make appearances.


The segment “Diary of Anne Frankenstein” seems out of place in Chillerama. There’s no gay humor, but it’s loaded with un-PC Jewish, Holocaust, Hitler, and Anne Frank humor. It’s also spoken in German with English subtitles that don’t always translate accurately for the sake of humor. This segment gets a little grating and shrill.

chillerama nazi

A very short interlude called “Deathication” goes totally for the gross out and is loaded with shit humor that leaves nothing to the imagination.

chillerama zombie

Finally we get back to the greatness with the wraparound story. The zombie infection at the drive-in has spread, turning the zombies into insatiable horn dogs! This repulsive (in a good way) segment has comic zombie-human sex of all persuasions and plenty of wiener and boobs. It is an amazing sex and blood conclusion to this piece of gay cinema trash.

And here is my homage to “I Was a Teenage Werebear.” Be very afraid:

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