Things are getting scary at The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror


Gay horror films are few and far between, and they always seem to get a bad rap. Despite seeing The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror trashed online, turns out it’s one of my favorite gay slashers (of about 2 in total), with a tinge of backwoods horror thrown in to make it even better.

The title, the campy DVD cover, and the 60s chick singing “beware of the straights” in the opening credits don’t really do the movie justice. The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror is far from campy…until closer to the end, at which point it crosses the line. It’s heavy on horror and not on humor, although there’s enough thrown in to meet current standards.

gay bed and breakfast crazed woman

Speaking of quotas, there are plenty of cute and hot guys, along with bodies and butts, but it’s not excessive enough to detract from the horror aspects of the film. This b&b is open to all gays, so there are also an equal number of lesbians (and lesboobs) on hand. A creepy mother/daughter team runs the place and they claim to be friends to the gays….

gay bed and breakfast leather

While many of the characters are likeable, what’s noticeable is that none of the couples have good relationships – a surprising dynamic in an all-gay horror film. But as we get to know these characters through their behaviors and conversations, the film plays out very much like every slasher you’ve ever seen. It really nails the tone, atmosphere, and build-up. I’ve seen “critics” whine about the gay stereotypes in the film. Um…I know at least one of each of these characters in real life. And why should gay slashers get a pass on stereotypes, when they pervade “straight” slashers (the jock, the slut, the nerd, the virgin, etc.)?


Once the killing starts, you’re seriously like WTF? This is not just a simple slasher. There’s something freaky going on here. There are gruesome deaths, creepy camera angles, effective jump scares, and a not so pleasant something skulking in the shadows.

gay bed and breakfast gore

As the body count rises, the campy humor begins to sneak its way in, and it almost seems out of place—even if it is entertaining. It does become a bit much because it’s mostly during long segments of flashback exposition. It sort of causes the horror action to drag a little.

gay bed and breakfast drag

But then things get back on track and The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror gets wild, with a blood bath and a twist ending that’s pretty messed up. Just a warning. If you’re a gay Republican, well, first of all, in case you’re not aware, the Republican party generally votes on the side of HATING us (but the good news is, they’ll still take your money!). But as it pertains to this film, there is some strong anti-conservative mockery, so you might be insulted that all your self-righteous, holier-than-thou (by thou I mean you) party mates are being so senselessly trashed.

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