Adam Chaplin – an Italian splatter hunk paints the screen red

adam chaplin cover

The kind of uber-gory graphic novel insanity your parents wouldn’t let you read as a kid comes to life in the Italian film Adam Chaplin: Violent Avenger. It’s written by, directed by, and stars muscle hunk Emanuele De Santi as the demonically possessed, leather clad stud out to avenge the murder of his wife. Good news is, he’s single….

adam chaplin bod

It’s over-the-top horror/sci-fi/action throughout and I loved every minute of it. Adam has this super creepy demon that appears over his shoulder whenever he kills someone.

adam chaplin demon

And I mean slaughters them. Mutilates them. Shreds their faces with rapid fire attacks of his fists. Dismembers. Disembowels. It’s so weird to have a hero that is actually scary, but Adam Chaplin is pretty terrifying, despite his rippling muscles. There are actually some really eerie scenes between the periods of excessive brutality.

Adam’s enemy and target is the gangster Denny, a hideous monster himself. He has tubes stuck in his gruesome head and wears a mask to hide his repulsive appearance.

adam chaplin enemy

To stop Adam Chaplin from finding him, he blackmails Carrera, a brutal killer with a painted face, into hunting down Adam and stopping him.

adam chaplin face paint

Adam Chaplin: Violent Avenger puts all other grindhouse flix to shame. It’s disgustingly gory in the totally absurd, entertaining way (just how we like it). The best part is that the victims can be torn to pieces with no blood left in what little remains of them, and yet they are still breathing and feeling the agony. For instance, Adam impales a guy through the ass with a pole and holds him up like a lollipop, yet he’s still alive. And he’s still alive when he’s lit on fire like a roasting marshmallow! Yeah. Him. In the pic below. He’s still alive. Talk about a power bottom….

adam chaplin impaled

The extreme violence amps up in the final showdown between Adam and Denny’s army of baddies. And it’s a perfect opportunity for Emanuele De Santi to flex those muscles! Action horror craziness has never looked so good.

I love the wickedly cool look and style of Adam Chaplin: Violent Avenger and I’m surprised it doesn’t have a big cult following. It should be a huge hit with gore whores. Now where’s the next Emanuele De Santi film?

adam chaplin collage

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