The gore risks of health pills and fast food…

Pictures speak buckets of blood, so I won’t say much about these two splatter flicks, which come nearly 20 years apart and are pretty much all about the weirdness and gore with relatively little importance placed on characters or plot. I mean, yeah, there are deeper, cautionary messages about the society we could become if we don’t smarten—oh fuck. We’re pretty much already there…

BODY MELT (1993)

body melt cover

This Australian film is about a small town in which resident are secretly used as Guinea pigs for a new dietary pill they get in the mail.

body melt intro

The sexy opening scene of a naked man and woman lulls you in…he has already been infected, and is attempting to steal files to warn the people.

body melt mouth

But, well, something stops him from talking.

body melt face

From there, we are bombarded by a whole lot of freakish locals—they’re all mutated, so I’m not sure if they already took the pill or if they’re just your everyday inbred hillbillies.

body melt hillbillies

It’s vomit city as people do much more than melt.

body melt tongue

They have fucked up hallucinations – many of them sexual.

body melt belly

A fricking Alien hugger placenta shoots from a pregnant woman’s va-jay-jay.

body melt grower

A muscle stud’s dick explodes…it’s fun for the whole family of freaks. And it comes complete with a so 1990s “Body Melt” techno theme song during the closing credits.



taeter city cover

Having already taken on Judy and splatterfest Adam Chaplin by director Emanuele De Santi, I was confused to discover that there are actually two De Santi’s. Guilio co-directed Adam Chaplin with Emanuele (I think that may have been updated in imdb since I originally blogged about the film), and Guilio is responsible for Taeter City.

taeter city chain crush

Taeter City takes the WTFery of Adam Chaplin to a whole new level. This really looks like an extension of that film (minus Emanuele as a killing machine with bulging muscles), but has essentially no plot or character motivation driving the action forward. It’s just action…and absolutely mind-blowing nonstop gore. Plus, a whole lot of bizarre mutations.

taeter city furry

The basic premise is that in a future society, radio waves are used to make criminals commit suicide. How’s that for forcing you to think pure thoughts at all times?

taeter city eyes

Nasty thing is, the criminals’ bodies are then used to make fast food that is sold to the public.

taeter city mask

Problem is, the radio waves are suddenly malfunctioning, turning the criminals into deformed killers.

taeter city skull mask

But fear not. Special unit are ready to hunt down and absolutely mutilate all the baddies.

taeter city head squish

and you get to watch it all unfold for over an hour, with no character development, dialogue, or plot to get in the way.

taeter city tub

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