20 times there were twice as many gay guys in a single horror flick…

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You know I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for even the slightest sign of gay fun in every horror movie I watch, which I then report to you right here on Boys, Bears & Scares. But putting aside specifically gay horror films and mainstream horror with a single gay character, gay surprises, gay twists, homoerotic moments, queer interpretations, gay humor, self-loathing gay psychos, etc., I’ve started to realize there have even been a good number of films that actually feature gay couples.

So, in no particular order—actually, alphabetically because I need organization—I present you with 20 of the most memorable gay couples I’ve encountered in horror. While most of these films appear on my complete die, gay guy, die! page of horror movies with gay content, a few of them have scored honorary positions on my complete homo horror movies page. Be warned…some of these gay couple reveals are spoilers.


AXEMAN 2: OVERKILL (2017): The bad ass crime gang leader in this backwoods slasher sequel is genderqueer and has a boyfriend. I blog about the film here.


BLACULA (1972): Is it any surprise that one of the early gay couples in horror appeared in a blaxploitation flick…or that they were interracial…or that they are basically the reason Blacula is released in the first place?


BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH (1984): Does it get any better than a 1980s horror comedy starring Vincent Price that also features an interracial gay couple? My blog here.

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BLOODY KNUCKLES (2014): A gay couple is the target of homophobia in this horror comedy. Good thing there’s a leather daddy out for vengeance. Check out pix of him in my blog.


BUZZARD HOLLOW BEEF (2017): I was as confused about this couple as they seem to be. Check out my blog to find out why.


CONDEMNED (2015): These muscle pigs are one of my favorite gay couples of horror. I know, shocking. More pix of them in my blog.


EVERYONE MUST DIE! (2012): Refreshing to see an unlikely gay couple—and to see them have sex. My blog about this horror comedy here.

frankensteins hungry dead couple

FRANKENSTEIN’S HUNGRY DEAD (2013): Leave it to gay horror director Richard Griffin to have a gay couple butt fuck in Dario Argento lighting. My blog here.


GREY SKIES (2010): Gay couple, gay kiss, straight dude watching. My blog here.

hazard jack couple

HAZARD JACK (2014): Very genuine gay couple in this slasher, which I cover here.


HEAVY MENTAL (2009): Gay dads! My blog here.


THE KILLING GENE (2007): It all comes down to the interracial gay couple in this one, which I look at here.


LIVELIHOOD (2005): This is one close gay couple. My blog here.

night before easter couple

THE NIGHT BEFORE EASTER (2014): These love bunnies start the fun off in this holiday flick. I blog about it here.

nikos the impaler couple

NIKOS THE IMPALER (2003): A gay couple in a museum…with Felissa Rose! I blog about the film here.


PRESIDENT’S DAY (2016): Gay love will never die…just like zombie presidents. I blog about this zombedy here.


SILENT SCREAMS (2015): Ron Jeremy goes gay! I blog about it here.


TEENAGE GHOST PUNK (2014): Would you believe, another interracial gay couple? I blog about this lighthearted film here.


ZOMBIE DEATH HOUSE (1988): Gay couples aren’t going to let prison stop them from creating the perfect home. My blog about this 80s gem here.


ZMD: ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION (2009): A gay couple as the heroes…once they get past their squeamishness. My blog here.

And there you have it. 20 notable gay couples of horror. What horror movies feature your favorite gay couples? Any out there that feature couples that aren’t all white or interracial? Let me know in the comments below!

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