Would you stand by your man if he went all Mutants on you?


The English title for this French film is Mutants, but the bottom line is, these hideous being are zombies or infected or whatever you want to call people turning into gnarly flesh eaters. We don’t get any explanation for the outbreak. We are thrown right into the heat of it, and after several suspenseful action sequences, a couple needs to find refuge because the man has been infected.

The woman drives to an abandoned building (that I think is a hospital) to care for him. It doesn’t take long for the dude to begin changing into one of the monsters! I’d be so out of there! Bye bye, hubby! I’ll find another guy who isn’t a drooling man muncher (or at least, a different kind of drooling man muncher).

mutants-creep Let’s just say there’s some tension in the couple’s relationship as the man continues to turn. But his woman sticks with him, and eventually, “help” arrives—in the form of trouble. More meals for the mutants!

All the heavy zombie action comes near the end of this movie—swarms, hordes, invasions! Awesome.  There are some great chase scenes, the mutants are hella frightening, there’s a nice dose of gross, the snowy scenery is stunning to look at, and there’s even some man butt…although, it has a little blood splattered on it. Sort of like a horror movie money shot.

Mutants is a serious and intense flick. It’s also a good one to add to your list of zombie flicks that take place in the snow.


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