Homoerotic horror king David DeCoteau goes PG…


It’s a David DeCoteau film that doesn’t feature a bunch of young men running around in their underwear and touching themselves! My Stepbrother is a Vampire!?! Is actually fun for the whole family! Seriously, it’s put out by Fun Family Features.

In fact, this entire “cute” movie is about a teenage girl named Nancy thinking her stepbrother is a vampire. A charismatic young cast, simple yet funny dialogue, and plenty of vampire references abound, and it’s less scary than Hocus Pocus. However, it also features a talking black cat…sort of. The black cat here narrates the movie—and is voiced by the one and only Dee Wallace! I’ve been bamboozled! I thought Dee appeared in the film!

Dee isn’t the only name in the cast that excited me. Tracy Nelson, who will always be valley girl Jennifer DiNuccio to me, plays Nancy’s mother.


The show stealer is Donna Wilkes, the screamer from Jaws 2 and the teenage streetwalker known as Angel! Donna rox as an occult shop owner and she looks great.


The girl playing Nancy is a pitch perfect wannabe Anna Kendrick.


Her stepbrother is pretty boy cute.


But the young man I couldn’t keep my eyes off was one Seth Austin, a goofball who helps Nancy find out if her stepbrother really is a vampire. Seth is not only muscular with a perty mouth, he’s also wacky comical.


My Stepbrother is a Vampire!?! is all very adolescent, but it’s irresistibly fun. There’s a TA support group. And no, not that T&A. This is a Twilight Addicts support group. Teens will appreciate the endless in-jokes about Twilight. There’s also a slapstick voodoo doll war and a campy principal played by b-horror chick Lynn Lowry (famously known as the prostitute who picked up a chunk of cat spunk in 1982’s Cat People).


There’s even a twist ending! A happy twist ending, of course! After all, this is a family film. The only naughty part is when Seth Austin pulls his phone out of the crotch of his underwear and smells it.

Leave it to David DeCoteau to sneak his homoerotic conversion methods into a family movie….

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