RABIES – violence is infectious!

rabies cover

2010 Horror flick Rabies comes from Israel and it is fucking insane! Imagine if Tucker & Dale vs. Evil was more violent and cruel with a much darker sense of humor…and you’d have this way better movie.

Don’t expect any infections here. This isn’t about rabies. This is about violence breeding violence and spreading like a plague. Yes it’s smart, but for a change that doesn’t get in the way of it being a wacky, entertaining joyride of a film.

rabies brother and sister

We meet a brother and sister—she’s been trapped in a hole in the ground by a psycho killer out in the woods. Her brother runs to get help and stumbles upon four friends who are having car trouble. Meanwhile, there’s a man out hunting with his dog and two cops who’ve come out to help the stranded kids.

rabies cops and girls

The killer is the least of everyone’s problems. He doesn’t need to lift a finger because as these scared people begin crossing each other’s paths, the circumstances in which they find themselves lead them to do some crazy shit to each other! Add to that the perils already in the woods, and there’s no telling who is going to get out alive.

rabies killer chase

Rabies is nonstop unpredictable lunacy as it cuts quickly between the actions of the characters in short sequences that keep the pace going and are loaded with sexual situations, gore, and dry humor. And there’s nothing more satisfying than getting to the end of the film and wondering, “WTF did I just watch and who can I get to watch it next because all my friends need to see this film!”

rabies hotties

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