TUBI TERRORS: a trio of horror comedies

If you want some killing with a dash of horror humor thrown in for good measure, this trio of films I watched on Tubi may be what you’re looking for. Here’s what I thought of them

BABY BLUE (2023)

This bizarre film combines hints of found footage, possession, and supernatural slasher, so it’s not much of a surprise that it is all over the place, but it had enough humor and horror excitement to keep me entertained.

A group of friends with a video channel decide to do a documentary on a serial killer named Baby Blue.

Their investigation begins with a video clip clearly inspired by that real video of the woman who acted all freaky on an elevator and was then found dead in a water tank on top of the building.

The kids go to the apartment of the elevator victim and strange occurrences lead to them to being terrorized by the ghost of Baby Blue, a dude in a leather jacket who thinks he’s just too cool and kills people by making it look like suicide.

Oddly, there aren’t many kills in the movie, but the one major death scene involves a cutie running around in his undies. Hot.

As the investigating continues, the kids encounter a guy who keeps his husband chained up to protect him from Baby Blue, landing this one on the does the gay guy die? page.

They also have a consultation with a crazy psychic at a diner (funny scene). Most significantly, one of the kids gets possessed, and they all end up trapped in a house with an old psycho bitch (just wait for the tit milking scene. Blech.).

It’s all just really weird with a quirky tone throughout, all of which makes it quite watchable.


If you watch the trailer for this film, you’ll know what kind of low budget schlock you’re in for. I watched the trailer and immediately started streaming the movie right after, knowing it was going to be my kind of crap.

This is essentially an urban horror comedy spoofing the infamous Bloody Mary urban legend. A group of Black and Hispanic girls has a slumber party, but smoking weed isn’t enough fun for them, so they decide to take the Bloody Mary challenge that’s trending on social media.

Luckily for them, it doesn’t take effect right away. That gives the boys a chance to come over and bring on the crass content, from a nasty bathroom shit scene to some sex action with the girls.

There are some good comic performances and some humor that works, but Bloody Mary’s arrival definitely saves the fading entertainment value as the movie hits the forty-minute mark.

Classic low budget makeup effects, practical gore effects, and Bloody Mary’s campy performance totally steal the show and make the second half of the film a blast. Plus we get a studly shirtless dude.


It’s not every day that you see a torture porn attempt to be humorous, but 6 Wheels From Hell tries its best. When we first meet our main group of kids on a road trip, they’re jamming out to “Rainy Monday” by Shiny Toy Guns. Awesome.

Not surprisingly, our redneck psycho drives around in a big truck—although I’m pretty sure it’s actually a school bus in big truck drag. Either way, the back of his truck is his torture chamber—a mobile torture chamber? How lazy have we as a society become that the torture chamber has to come to us?

I kid not when I tell you most of this film takes place in the back of the bus, where mutilated body parts are hanging from the ceiling. The goal of making this a horror comedy is helped by the fact that these body parts look like they were bought at Spirit Halloween. In fact, one head in particular is the same exact head that I hang in my library every Halloween–and the killer made the same face when fondling it that I make when I hang it.

After a run-in at a roadside diner with the psycho killer, the main kids are soon captured and chained up in his mobile torture chamber. This is like 20 minutes into the movie.

There they spend the majority of the film being taunted and antagonized by his nonstop, running monologue that is meant to supply all the humor. It seriously wears thin quite fast. To lighten the mood even more, the kids don’t act all that terrified by the fact that they will soon be parts of his torture chamber décor.

It’s actually a relief when the action finally moves out of the truck for the final act, but the film is still too tedious for that to salvage it.

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