Three slices of video nasty horror


Talk about a more hardcore indie horror anthology. After watching III Slices of Life, I’ve concluded it’s a pretty good idea for a director with limited funds to make a collection of short films instead of trying to stretch a single script into a feature length movie. Each tale is tighter and there’s a better chance of satisfying audiences with varying horror tastes.

I personally liked the second story best because it touches on a horror staple that bugs the hell out of me: little children. A pregnant chick starts seeing these fricking kids in her yard and the grocery store, when they should actually be walking amongst the rows out in the Midwest somewhere. Even though some viewers might hate that the demonic faces are probably accomplished by one of those computer programs (you know…like in the big budget film The Exorcism of Emily Rose), when you know you’re going into a cheap video nasty, you have to expect that kind of thing. The atmosphere is creepy and effective, the damn childish sing-song satanic chanting music makes you want to avoid Toys “R” Us, and the conclusion is right on target for a horror anthology tale.

slices of life demon child

If you’re looking for sleazy, “video nasty” sex, start with the first story. A lonesome office worker is looking for cyberlove on the job. He gets denied by dozens of babes on the Internet…but then connects with demented scream queen Alan Rowe Kelly. As he takes care of business, his mouse turns into a va-jay-jay (oh the fricking horror!) and Alan Rowe Kelly goes all demon zombie, setting off a chain reaction. Good makeup effects and classic red neon lighting enhance the atmosphere as the story progresses.

slices of life rowe zombie

Turn to the third story for gore, blood, and the traumatic combination of sex, parasites, and mutilation. EEK! Tragically, some really cute guys are shredded in this one (they even look good with their guts hanging out). This is definitely the most deliciously exploitative story in the collection.

slices of life boy body

Finally, there’s a wraparound story connecting the trilogy. Marv Blauvelt of Muscle Wolf Productions appears in this one in just his overalls, which he eventually drops, showing us a quick glimpse of some nice muscle butt.

slices of life marv butt

Despite the limitations of the budget, there’s sure to be at least one story in III Slices of Life to satisfy a diversity of horror fans who like the gritty look and feel of “banned” videos of the 80s. Too bad we can no longer experience the joy of going to a video store and renting this with a stack of other direct-to-video horror on a Friday night while all the families are wiping out the “new releases” shelf. If you score a copy of III Slices of Life, definitely check out the “Jitters” short in the extras on the DVD for more disturbing sex and horror!

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