There’s something out there…and it’s kind of gay

Leave it to low-budget indie horror to throw some weird gay stuff—and a couple of porn stars—into the mix. I take a look at Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon and Slaughter Party. 


slaughter party cover

What to even say about this mess. Three guys, one of them a little person, are walking around what looks like a desert doing I don’t know what, when some psycho appears, guts two of them, and then fucks the little man up the ass.

slaughter party crazy

For whatever reason, this anal intrusion turns the little man into a psycho killer who targets women. Conveniently, Sleepaway Camp darling Felissa Rose, whose sister was killed by the little man and whose boyfriend just left her for another man, goes to party in this barren wasteland with her girlfriends.

slaughter party little man

The girls talk a lot and show their tits a lot, and occasionally, the little man chases and kills one of them. Meanwhile, porn legend Ron Jeremy suddenly appears with two cute guys and knocks them out so he can butt fuck them, but the killer/rapist from the beginning of the movie appears and kills him. Seymore Butts, another porn legend, appears in the role of a detective, and I kid not, he is one of the best actors in the film. Plus, Lloyd Kaufman shows up for a cameo in the center of the movie, chanting, “kill all the midgets!”


bigfoot at holler creek canyon cover

A guy in a Bigfoot costume, hot guys, some gay stuff, and a cool final girl. Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon is almost a pretty damn good movie.

Things start off just right….blood and boobs! A couple having sex in a tent is mauled by an unseen monster.

bigfoot holler hand

Then we meet the group of friends heading to a cabin in the woods. Great news—two hunks! One is a big beefy blond boy, and the other is a lean, muscular, pretty boy with dark hair. And they’re both shirtless when we meet them—and both show their butts later.

bigfoot holler hottie

Stopping at a local store near the cabin, the group is greeted by the store’s clerk: Ron Jeremy! Ron actually has a more significant role here, but he seriously cannot sustain a hick accent.

The movie unfolds in typical “friends in a cabin, monster in the woods” fashion. The sex count is high and the scenes are substantial, including an out of place romantic sex montage cutting back and forth between two couples. Only our blond boy works the hardcore sex, gyrating his big boy butt magnificently during his scene.

bigfoot holler big beefbutt

The body count is also high, including more than one little kid being killed by Bigfoot. The problem is, the movie spends so much time focusing on dialogue between the friends in the cabin that the Bigfoot attacks are generally super rushed and lack suspenseful buildup. Basically, Bigfoot jumps out in a blur, swipes at someone, and the kill is over.

bigfoot holler bigfoot

Only in the later part of the film do we get more thrilling kills and good gore, beginning with Ron Jeremy in a chase scene! There’s also a gruesome face mauling and crotch mauling. Plus, the movie has a great final chase scene, the main girl kicks butt, and the shocker final frame is classic old school goodness. Plus, the cast is quite likable and can actually act.

And at last, there’s the gayness. It all lands on the shoulders of the beefy blond boy (I wish). During a gossip session, the girls wonder if he isn’t possibly gay. He goes into the woods to take a piss and gets turned on when a hand starts feeling up his ass. After discovering that the hand digging between his cheeks and tongue licking his neck belong not to his girlfriend, but to a backwoods hillbilly wearing makeup…he does no kind of hetero damage control…as in, he doesn’t damage the hillbilly.

bigfoot holler crack

bigfoot holler lick

He does a striptease during a partying montage and dry humps his pretty boy buddy. On top (or bottom) of all that, he suggests to his pretty boy buddy that they have an orgy. I don’t know much about being a straight guy, but isn’t it kind of gay to suggest to your buddy that the two of you get naked together in the same room when you’re horny?

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