The Hillbilly Horror Show Volume 2 takes a wrong turn….

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I love the concept of The Hillbilly Horror Show. A handful of horror shorts assembled into a full-length movie with a trailer trash trio introducing each flick—a nutty professor, a cute pig fucker, and a sluttier Daisy Duke. I blog about volume 1 here.

In Volume 2, sluttier Daisy Duke once again shoves her tits and ass in the camera and the pig fucker gets all the one-liners. Nothing new to see here, so let’s get right to the short films.

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“Help Wanted” has a cool premise. A guy comes for a job at what appears to be some sort of body harvesting warehouse. Creepy ghostly apparitions and dead bodies abound, but the story is really short and it appears the character just accepts his fate doing this job, so there’s no real tension or suspense. All potential is thrown out the window, especially a freaky looking “maid” that drags around a sledgehammer.

“Bloodtrafick” is an even shorter film that seems to be more concerned with style and cool martial arts sequences than actually delivering a clear plot. The word vampire is used at one point near the end, but that doesn’t manage to blow your mind.

“The Deed” is another really short film. A stud in a long coat and a low-brimmed cowboy hat (who I believe might be played by the pig fucker trailer trash from the wraparound) goes around killing a handful of men. This is followed by a final shot that I assume is supposed to explain his actions and imply a supernatural angle to the “story.” But once again, the “zinger” ending falls short of actually zinging.

Finally, we get a longer film called “Rose White.” It’s dark themed and there’s violent murder, but I really wouldn’t consider this a horror movie. It’s basically a fairy tale premise being used as a metaphor for the reality of two sisters who experience a shitty childhood and then turn to prostitution just to get by.

So basically, though I have no attention span, I felt three of the stories here were underdeveloped and needed to be longer. And the fourth story was just not my kind of “horror” story. Either volume 3 has to deliver a more satisfying horror experience or the pig fucker needs to get naked. Otherwise, I’m going to have to call it quits on this series.

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