Beaster Day – beware the killer bunny puppet!

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Don’t be fooled by the horrific looking giant killer rabbit on the Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottenhell cover art. This is a pure low-budget gory holiday horror creature feature spoof featuring what looks like a stop animation ratty rabbit puppet superimposed on film footage.

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Aside from the Beaster Bunny going around ripping people apart—and ripping off women’s clothes—there’s a geeky dogcatcher and the new girl he likes at his job, as well as a partying burnout mayor who refuses to cancel the Easter Day parade despite the dead bodies piling up in the woods. Oh…and there’s also a giant egg sitting in the middle of the woods.

beaster day guts.jpg

Beaster Day is absolutely absurd but I laughed out loud numerous times. Don’t waste time looking for a plot. Characters are in place just to drop goofy one-liners. Along with the adolescent jokes, there’s even some gay humor. The geeky dogcatcher tries to convince the new girl that a fellow employee she likes is gay. Then later, trying to warn everyone about the Beaster Bunny’s approach, the geeky dogcatcher cries, “Look! Two men kissing!”

beaster day guts 2.png

The gore is bloody and hilarious as well. Girls run around waving their hands (and boobs…and sometimes bush) while screaming blandly at the sight of the Beaster Bunny. I personally love the chick so busy on her phone that she doesn’t stop posting and texting even when the Beaster Bunny is killing her.

beaster day texting.jpg

In the end, the geeky dogcatcher dresses up like a carrot to defeat the Beaster Bunny. And actually, the finale is the biggest disappointment. I wanted the Beaster Bunny to go out with some sort of big bang involving the giant egg! Instead he drops easily. The End!

beaster day horse attack.png

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