The Christmas Corpse

follow cover

What a great title that would have been for this film. Considering this is a good one to get you into the holiday horror spirit, I don’t know why it was titled Follow. There may not be a killer Santa, but the single house setting is adorned with Christmas lights, and the movie timeline features a countdown to Christmas Day!

follow lead

This is one of those little indie films that is short and concise, quirky with a hint of dark humor, and even delivers a bit of a body count and suspense. And to top it all off, it’s fun to see Donny Most of Happy Days (as a victim) in a horror movie. He even brings some of his Ralph Malph charm and cheesy humor.

follow donny most

The plot is very straightforward – a guy’s girlfriend seduces him into playing Russian roulette during sex. Seriously, with a gun. And he gives a pretty good blow your head off job.

follow roulette

He wakes up the next morning, she’s dead, and he can’t remember what happened. But that doesn’t stop him from going on with the holiday season, prettying her up and propping her up on the couch.

follow tub

follow couch

He even tries to assure those who stop by to check in on the MIA girlfriend that everything is fine. Of course, that never works out as planned…

follow guy

Major horror veteran Noah Segan (Some Kind of Hate, Starry Eyes, Tales of Halloween, All About Evil, Cabin Fever 2, Chain Letter, Someone’s Knocking at the Door, Deadgirl) is perfect in the lead, coming across as oddly sympathetic in his delusional state. And actress Haley Lu Richardson, who plays the girlfriend’s sister and is essentially “the main girl” here, needs to be the main girl in a whole lot more horror films, because she’s awesome.

follow main girl

Add to that the holiday spirit (plenty of Christmas music), some macabre-lite moments, and the 75-minute runtime, and Follow has a lot going for it if you’re looking for a change in holiday horror pace.

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