The Chair needs to take a seat because the Necromancer is queen

Well, Necromancer is at least the film I liked better of these two lost flicks from 1988 that I dug out of my DVD collection.

THE CHAIR (1988)

There were a handful of fun prison/electric chair horror films released in the late 80s. The Chair isn’t one of them, despite having a cast of familiar faces.

And even though it’s about a newly reopened prison that is haunted, the most we get is some cheesy 80s electric spark effects, a few deaths by electrocution, and this apparition.

This movie goes NOWHERE. Veteran actor James Coco runs the show, Trini Alvarado of The Frighteners is the in-house psychologist who gets attached to a cute young inmate (and does nothing else really).

Stephen Geoffreys of Fright Night is  one of the prisoners, but I don’t even know why he is in this film in which he has a minuscule role, considering he was busy working on some higher profile horror at this time.

When it comes down to it, only Paul Warden, the token white guy on The Jeffersons, experiences the supernatural occurrences, and they sort of drive him mad.

The two highlights of this film that grabbed my attention were a spread your cheeks cavity search moment and a black prisoner who is essentially trans, although back then I imagine they were just trying to imply a very effeminate gay man.


Necromancer is like I Spit On Your Grave meets Mausoleum. Now that’s my kind of late 80s sexploitation horror shit show.

As soon as the score begins and sounds like an outtake from the Miami Vice soundtrack, you know you’re in for an 80s flashback from hell. It gets even better when a witch wearing a magnificent 80s headband…I mean, gypsy scarf…uses her magic axe to do some head splitting.

Then we get to the juicy stuff. A young woman working at her school at night is terrorized by three classmates in masks. They chase her around the building, catch her, and the leader of the pack rapes her while the others chicken out.

Not knowing where to turn, she seeks help from the witch.

And so begins a series of seduction attacks as a doppelganger of the main girl shows up whenever one of the guys is in just tight little underwear or less. Makes me love this dumb movie even more, and not only does it get a place on my stud stalking page, it should get a stud stalking award.

The lights magically turn 80s horror red, then out comes the cheesy demon hand!

The demon face eventually makes an appearance for the final battle, but it’s definitely no Mausoleum face. Also making an appearance in a porn stache and perm is Russ Tamblyn of West Side Story.

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