STREAM QUEEN: a sausage fest, a killer bunny, and a Ouija sequel

I had a lot of fun, some fun, and no fun with this trio. Let’s find out why.

COLD FEET (2019)

What a treat to stumble upon an indie horror comedy that the hubby and I both enjoyed and that also lands on the sausage fest scares page.

Guys rent a house for a bachelor party, and as the owner gives them a brief tour, we learn that one of the dudes is gay…and is also the cutest of the bunch!

A stripper shows up to get the party started, and she has various successes and failures with each guy in the group during a montage—including a slow mo rejection from the mo…

The next morning the burnout drug dealer friend, who is also the funniest dude in the group, wakes everyone up to reveal that the stripper isn’t quite alive anymore, the house is haunted, and snipers are surrounding the place and shooting at them!

How the hell does all that come together? Quite brilliantly in this cleverly written little comedy, which also benefits from the performances of the actors.

It is most definitely a perfect, lighthearted supernatural comedy for a movie night with friends.

And hey, the gay guy doesn’t get naked, but another cutie gets shirtless, and his nipples are plump and delicious.


This is a good one to add to the holiday horror page for a killer bunny marathon even though it doesn’t take place on Easter.

I will say right up front that the campy, gory kills and practical effects are the highlight from the very first death scene, which makes smart use of light, shadow, and an umbrella to introduce us to the bunny masked killer.

In between the kills the film focuses on a troubled dude talking to an equally troubled therapist.

Through flashbacks, they unpack how issues from their pasts and societal pressures fucked them both up, and try to come to terms with why they have urges to do awful things to people.

The dialogue definitely has its quirky, funny, and clever moments, but this film goes on for nearly 100 minutes, and conversation is the bulk of the runtime, so I personally found it burdened the pacing. I began losing focus and just started counting the minutes until the next awesome kill.

My absolute favorite death scene would have been an old standby: the glory hole. Of course that lands this one on the does the gay guy die? page.

However, that was overshadowed when the killer bunny man entered an S&M party in full swing for a campy massacre. Classic.


In European markets, several movies have been slapped with the title Ouija Experiment 3, but this is the official sequel by director Israel Luna, who made the first two films. This film is also known as Ouija Warehouse, but I prefer this title because the film reunites a couple of characters from the first movie.

That also makes this a confusing sequel. The second sequel is a meta movie in which actors from the first film appear as themselves. In this third installment a bunch of people setting up a birthday party in an old building find a Ouija board, use it, and bring back the actors from the first film…as the characters from the first film.

But that doesn’t even matter, because despite being an anal retentive, obsessive compulsive completist, I won’t be adding the final film in the trilogy to my collection (I seriously feel physically ill admitting that). This seems like a rushed, uninspired effort to release a new movie simply by clinging to past output. There’s nothing to be drawn from this movie for fans of the first two installments in terms of plot, scares, humor, or expansion of story. It’s virtually all dialogue and a handful of characters walking around a warehouse. No ghosts, no creatures, no kills. Nothing.

The highlight for me was a practice drag performance that ends with a suspenseful moment, but the queer content feels more forced than fluid as it usually does in Luna’s films.


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