Stream Queen 4

This batch of films has something for everyone…or nothing for anyone. I’m not quite sure.


feed the gods cover

I can’t imagine anyone read this script and thought this was a good idea.

Two brothers lose their adopted mom. The older brother immediately decides they should take a road trip to the town where their birth parents lived to look for them. The younger brother brings along his girlfriend. The older brother enters a store on the way, walks directly over to a shelf, and grabs a book on Bigfoot—as if he knew it was there just waiting for him. WTF?

feed the gods cast

Once they reach the town, the younger brother and girlfriend take the lead on poking around asking questions about the parents, while the older brother decides he wants to find Bigfoot. WTF?

Oh yeah. There’s also a scene in which the two brothers bond over their farts. Whatever.

Apparently the townsfolk have a secret. Eventually, our main trio is caught by a trio of bad boys and chained up in the woods, where they come face to face with a wild man creature…that’s mostly shrouded in dark light.

Sexy Shawn Roberts (aka: Wesker from the Resident Evil movies) plays the older brother. Scary sexy Aleks Paunovic of Dead Rising: Watchtower plays the leader of the baddies.


disciples cover

Check out this horror cast: Bill Moseley, Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, Angus Scrimm, Debbie Rochon, Tony Todd.

Now guess if Disciples is a good movie….

Perhaps this would have made a better book than movie. It’s just way too complex and confusing a storyline for a simple indie film, and the epic nature of the plot is hindered by the low budget. From what I can tell, it’s humans (mostly priests) vs. demons, and the main goal of all is to get possession of an amulet.

disciples demon

Also, it seems that there are no good guys. Everyone is into sex and murder, so there’s plenty of female nudity and some pretty decent gore. There are also some awesome demon make-up effects that could easily be winning projects on Face-Off. And Tony Todd looks bad ass with horns at the end.

COLLAPSE (of the Living Dead) (2011)

collapse cover

Veteran actor Chris Mulkey is a farmer trapped in his home with his wife when zombies start attacking. As you watch Collapse, you will be thinking that this is the most cliché and routine zombie film ever. Sure, it’s familiar and comforting, but it just seems there’s nothing new here. But wait!

collapse zombie

The purpose of Collapse is the fresh and unique ending. All I’ll say is that it simply has to be a totally derivative zombie film in order for the twist to be so effective. Definitely check this one out.

ALL THE DEVIL’S ALIENS (aka: Devils in the Darkness) (2013)

all the devils aliens cover

If you want a weird movie riddled with a blend of religion and alien life, then this is the movie for you.

Things start off simple enough. A young med student named Mike takes a job helping a nurse care for a reclusive man in a house in the middle of the woods. Almost immediately, things are very weird and creepy. The nurse seems nice enough, but she also appears to be hiding something. Mike doesn’t get to see the patient, but he hears him babbling over a monitor system.

all the devils aliens alien

A creepy slow burn eventually leads to Mike entering the room of the patient. At that point, this movie gets whacked! There are alien creatures, corpses, and loads of trippy shit. It’s freaky, but I really had no idea what the fuck was going on.


treehouse movie

I kind of really liked most of this movie. Kids are disappearing in a small town. Two boys head into the woods at night to light firecrackers and spot a treehouse way up above. In it is one of the missing girls, very much alive. One of the boys goes out to get help, leaving the other boy alone with her.

There are what seem to be some sort of terrifying creatures outside the treehouse, and they’re killing kids in the woods. As the boy and girl wait in hiding, the boy has flashbacks and dreams of his abusive father, so it’s clear that this is going to be a film about a boy overcoming his dark past and using it as motivation to get out of his current situation.

treehouse bodies

The big letdown is after they get out of the tree and it turns out there aren’t any big scary monsters. WTF? Plus, the film ends with a big celebration of God and guns.

AVENGED (aka: Savaged) (2013)

avenged cover

I Spit On Your Indian Grave. In Avenged, a deaf girl takes a road trip across country. On a deserted road, she sees a bunch of rednecks killing a couple of Native Americans. They catch her, tie her up in a barn, rape her, and then kill her.

The movie doesn’t overdue the rape and torture, probably because it’s not your typical rape/revenge film. It actually turns pretty fun. See, a Native American man rescues her body and does a ritual that brings her back to life as a bad ass Indian bitch demon. While her hot black boyfriend comes looking for her and gets treated to the “n” word a lot, she’s busy taking these guys down with a bow and arrow, tomahawk, and other tribal weapons.

avenged kill

This fast-paced flick has some cool gore, loads of action, kick ass violence, and enough CGI visuals to give it a sleek, modern look and feel.

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