PRIME TIME: my kind of chick flicks

It’s a double feature of horror flicks loaded with nasty women! Let’s take a look at SheBorg and All Girls Weekend.


The director of Hazmat delivers an oddly compelling slow burn movie about a bunch of girls trekking into the woods and not being stalked and killed by a masked psycho. How refreshing.

I would describe All Girls Weekend as a low key mix of Evil Dead meets The Blair Witch Project in terms of the look and feel. The film stars prolific scream queen Jamie Bernadette.

I’ve covered many of her films, so it was time to make a spot for her on my wicked women page. Here she leads the charge as a group of female friends heads into the woods for a getaway…in the winter! Director Lou Simon definitely went out of her way to find some fantastic locations to shoot this one.

This is one of those films in which the group begins to walk in circles, and that aspect carries a little too much weight.

However, the film throws enough little traumatic situations at the girls to keep up the momentum and keep us wondering what is going on—such as one girl wiping with a leaf after she pees and getting a rash! Ew!

She was one of my faves in the group and I’d love to see the actress in more horror as well.

The most compelling part is the occasional blowing of a supernatural wind through the trees that sounds like whispering voices.

And that aspect moves to the forefront as the truth unfolds as to what is going on. It’s a pretty cool concept and I think this little indie handles it quite well.

SHEBORG (2016)


An alien cyborg woman comes to earth, and a couple of punk girls just trying to free some caged pups must battle against her and the humans she makes into her minions.

It feels both indie at times, yet surprisingly visually sophisticated with some of the early SheBorg scenes, but the treasure here is the girls.

I imagine these ladies are actual stunt women, because they have a blast kicking ass and doing some pretty major stunts. They are also quite funny and campy.

You also get loads of gore, flesh-eating, and green slime that makes the cyborgs melt.

While it might be a girl power flick, this one is right up my big gay alley.

Dude, you went at that from the wrong direction.

Speaking of, more than one dude gets anally probed.

There’s a horde of shirtless SheBorg minion dudes during a major battle scene.

and the brother of one of the main girls is not only funny, he’s a sexy stud when the shirt comes off! This is definitely one for my stud stalking page.

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