PRIME TIME: a whole lot of slashing fun…and a good dose of gay fun

Now this is how to do a weekend marathon of simple slashers. There was plenty to like about this trio, so let’s take a look.


I went into Slashorette Party hoping for some halfway decent kills and some funny lines here and there, and that’s what I got. Plus, this indie is a concise, 75 minutes long, so it moves at a quick pace.

It has a very 80s dream sequence intro, including the music, lighting, and mist machine. The nightmare wedding scenario introduces us to the bride-to-be when she awakes.

She’s anxious about her coming wedding so her friends take her to a cabin in the woods for a party…along with her fiancé and all his friends.

Her fiancé is a total prick and everyone at the party knows it. After the couple fights and she runs into the woods, the killing begins.

It’s made obvious from the start who is doing the killing, but along with some practical kill effects, we get a slow motion party scene—with female strippers instead of male! WTF?

That’s when the killing kicks in big time, and it’s a lot of fun. As a bonus, a male stripper shows up too for a quick bump ‘n’ grind.

So does the bachelorette’s doctor, played by legendary adult star Ginger Lynn, and she proves to be quite funny by the final act.

Meanwhile, the killer motivation is a (hopefully) satirical jab at the idea that men who are not responsible for how horrible they are…women make them that way.


This short indie opens strong, with a girl in the woods being chased by a killer, running through Argento lighting, and…well, you can imagine how things end up.

What you won’t expect is that it’s simply a virtual reality demonstration for a handsome guy considering investing in the project.

This handsome guy is also deliciously shirtless in the next scene. This is where things get kind of confusing. He has this super smart brother who he feels is wasting his time teaching kindergarten, and wants to get him in on this opportunity. So they head back to the company together to immerse themselves in the game.

The truth? Everything that happens involving them outside the game is confusing.

Luckily, most of the movie is spent in the game, which is a fun slasher featuring pretty young people in the woods having sex and getting killed off by a lurking, hunky killer.

Catch is, the illusion in this game is that the person playing only thinks it’s virtual reality. It’s actually real!

That cool concept is definitely muddled by the exposition the film attempts to present about the brothers between scenes of the slasher, so if you’re going to check this one out, just do it for the virtual virtual reality, which makes it actually reality. I’m getting a headache.


Reminding me of a cross between Scream and Smiley, this erotic gay horror flick is basically a slasher in which no one is slashed for a majority of the running time.

The super hot opener has a nude dude in the middle of some sex cam action when he is attacked.

Next, a gay dude comes to a new college, meets his hot wrestler roommate, and then finds a load of explicit videos on a USB drive…of the guy we saw attacked in the first scene in a whole range of fetishistic situations with different people.

Thing is, someone wants that drive back. So the gay guy and his new college friends begin getting stalked by someone in a gimp mask.

The film is fast-paced, intriguing, super sexual, suspenseful, and has likable characters. Plus, it’s just plain fun and has a very retro, late 90s slasher vibe, even if there isn’t much in the way of a body count.

I’ve already bought the Blu-ray for my collection and added the film to the homo horror movies page.

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