Marv Blauvelt is a snake with a human tail

snake with human tail cover

But this isn’t about horror hunk Marv Blauvelt’s fine tail. This is about his perverse role—his darkest and most serious yet, from what I’ve seen—in the sick and twisted short film Snake with a Human Tail by Spencer Gray. It’s vile, disgusting, and insensitively deals with sensitive subjects such as rape, incest, and religious sexual abuse.

Is that the sound of exploitation fans cheering? Well as graphic and grisly as the movie is, it isn’t exactly “exploitation.” There are plenty of highly offensive situations plus nauseating violence and sexual obscenity to satisfy twisted minds, but Snake with a Human Tail is really a consideration of the darkest places sexual abuse can take its victims…and how that can be paid forward in a really, really bad way.

snake marv

Marv plays a priest who reveals all about his fucked up childhood in a psychiatric session that dares to go there. It goes everywhere. Marv unapologetically expresses his “versatile” tastes in sexual partners. He also describes his priestly molestation practices with kids. But the truly repulsive moments come when he heads to a hotel to meet his transgender honey. What transpires is guaranteed to outrage the hopelessly devoted faithful who have stuck by a church that has supported the absolute destruction of the humanity of children since forever.

While the movie also explores the genre of revenge films and Marv’s character is portrayed with absolutely no redeeming qualities (you can’t even feel bad for his childhood suffering), justice may not be served in the way viewers would hope.

And yes. You do see what the transgender leading lady is packing….

snake with a human tail

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