When horror anthologies go sexy and gay

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Upon seeing one of the segments from Eroddity(s) last year at Bent-Con, I was thrilled at how unapologetic director Steven Vasquez is about including explicit sexual situations in his work while still delivering a twisted tale. The completed anthology keeps that combination of sex and horror as the focal point, mixes it with tongue-in-cheek humor, and tops it off with the perfect title: Eroddity(s). This isn’t your straight brother’s Creepshow!

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In “Forever Mine,” we’re introduced to two young gay guys, their penises, and a full urination scene. Their lovemaking leaves little to the imagination, but the wet dream quickly becomes a nightmare…which morphs into a wraparound! Wraparound story, that is. However, instead of a rotting crypt keeper, it is two pretty young guys who do the hosting, bringing a playful, campy, flirty tone to the film.

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While mix tapes may not mean much to young kids today, the kids in “A Mind of Their Own” are all about the romantic gesture—and one boy soon discovers a mix tape that both records and plays back sexual encounters.

erodditys mix tape

There are plenty of hot gay situations in this one, but the bisexual scene is the highlight, bringing some great humor. Plus, this sexy story ends with a great horror anthology twist.

erodditys christmas kid

“Unsolved Christmas” is narrated in “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” style. It starts out as a story about a boy whose parents give him a camera for Christmas to distract him from being gay…then goes off in a totally whacked direction as the camera makes him even gayer! The story more than lives up to its title, basically flipping the bird at our expectations of a horror anthology short.

And finally, “The Way to A Man’s Heart” has the most genuine “Tales from the Darkside” horror feel to it. Much to the surprise of his friends, a young man kicks his sex life into high gear after the death of his boyfriend. Unfortunately, hell hath no fury like a dead lover scorned.

erodditys dead kid

There are so many great short gay horror films being made these days that are scary, sexy, and campy, and I would love to see more of them assembled together in full-length anthologies like this. Considering the narrator at the end of Eroddity(s) promises an “until next time,” perhaps director Steven Vasquez will make that happen.


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